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Basin employers strive for good work environment

pump jacks

By Rachael Gleason, The Midland Reporter-Telegram Midlanders recall tough times and ruined fortunes after a promising oil boom turned sour more than three decades ago. Major oil corporations shut down and shipped out, businesses called it quits and banks failed as the demand for oil dried up in the 1980s. The nationwide oil glut left Midland in the dust. West ...

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The total costs of crude oil

exxon valdez

 By E. KIRSTEN PETERS Energy companies work night and day to bring us oil and the many products made from it. Most of that work is uneventful and unseen by the public. But when things go wrong, a disaster of epic proportions can ensue. Twenty five years ago — on the night of March 23, 1989 — the Exxon Valdez ...

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Abbott’s $4 billion pledge for TxDOT could be hard to fulfill

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made the pledge repeatedly throughout his successful run this year to the governorship: His transportation plan would put an additional $4 billion a year into Texas highways “without raising taxes, fees or tolls.” Once elected, he made the $4 billion pledge one of his top legislative priorities. But the governor-elect’s tantalizing proposal may be illusory. ...

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