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The baggage of offshore drilling

offshore rig

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media In the era of the great energy boom, investing in oil and gas exploration has exploded. Fresh, untapped areas have been targeted throughout the U.S. and no land is untamable. Since the 25-year congressional ban on Atlantic coast offshore drilling was lifted, offshore exploration has followed suit and has fueled substantial interest in the ...

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Railway safety faces “kinky” new problem

Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media A series of recent train derailments has sparked a national conversation on the safety of the nation’s railway system, especially in regards to transporting volatile substances like crude oil. Now an unlikely candidate threatens to add another hurdle to the race for safe transportation: global climate change. The worldwide shift in weather patterns has ...

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Finland researchers successfully use fungus to decontaminate soil

By John Deede, Shale Plays Media | Google+ Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have found that fungi can be utilized to clean oil-polluted soil. Using white rot fungi, mycelia are introduced to biologically treat the soil for contaminants. Mycelium is the vegetative portion of the fungus consisting of a mass of interwoven, thread-like structures. The process of cleansing the ...

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Flaring illuminates red-tape, points to growing national trend

By Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media In a land speckled with oil rigs, light refracts through the shimmering flames of natural gas vents and shines through rolls of bureaucratic red-tape, revealing a growing energy trend. With the continued advancement of the natural gas industry and its continued venting into the atmosphere, private and commercial entities alike are refining the ...

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Doctors to Cuomo: Ban NY fracking


Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media A coalition of medical professionals will call on New York lawmakers this week to enact a long-term moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the state. The group is comprised of over a dozen medical organizations as well as hundreds of doctors, health professionals and researchers. It will call on Governor Andrew Cuomo and Health Commissioner ...

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Louisiana infrastructure in for growing pains


John Bestoloffe, Shale Plays Media With the Haynesville shale already established and the Tuscaloosa Marine shale quickly emerging, Louisiana has a vast amount of potential for the oil and gas boom. However, concerns are rising around the inadequate infrastructure supporting the thriving energy industry. Maturing roads, waterways, and pipelines may prove to be a setback for industry growth. The quality ...

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A bright future for the Permian Basin

By: John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The Permian Basin’s tight oil plays are expected to lead the US in production according to new data and estimates. According to new statistics from Rystad Energy, an independent oil and gas consulting service and business intelligence data firm, the Permian Basin’s “tight” play is expected to pull ahead of all other U.S. tight ...

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Eyewitness: Watford City Tornado (Video)


By Lydia Gilbertson | Google+ On Monday, May 26th Watford City, ND was hit by a sudden storm that resulted in an extreme amount of damage to an oilfield man camp. According to the National Weather Service the tornado reached a whopping 120 mph and touched down on the small North Dakota community. Everyone that was affected has a different ...

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Watford City tornado: how to help

Red Cross

By Lydia Gilbertson | Google+ On Monday night, a large tornado touched down 5 miles west of Watford City. Red Cross member Kira Neauman stated today that sixteen families were affected by the storm and while the demographics of the victims are still unknown, the Red Cross shelter had 7 adults and 1 child occupy it last evening. As with ...

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