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A new solution to oil companies wastewater woes.

John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media Will fracking go waterless? Fracking currently uses an extreme amount of water (6 million gallons per well), and creates quite a bit of waste from its brine (the water that is used for fracking). The runoff from the brine leaking into drinking water is one of the most prominent and common concerns among fracking ...

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The Blurred Lines of Jack Ekstrom

Jack Ekstrom Whiting Oil

Oil execs tax talk has became a child’s game of “telephone.” By Jason Spiess Remember that childhood game “telephone?”  Telephone is a game where a gaggle of kids would gather and learn about spreading rumors and misinformation.  The game began by one child whispering a sentence into the ear of another. “The puppies are cute, spotted and tan.” Then the ...

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“It’s not too late”

Bakken Summit Minot Brown

By Jason Spiess Those were the words uttered by former Gov. Ed Schafer in front of a standing-room-only audience at a conference last December in Rapid City, SD.  The Bakken oil boom has garnered interest from regional, national and international businesses and, according to Schafer, it’s not too late for businesses to participate in the booming economic growth in western ...

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Bakken firefighters facing more obstacles, future legislation could cause issues

Bakken Crash

By Jason Spiess Last week I received an email from a concerned fire fighter in Western North Dakota.  I have to admit, this email really got my attention.  Honestly, I receive anywhere from 2-10 emails per week from readers and listeners to Building the Bakken informing me about something or another.  Most are politically or personally motivated so you have ...

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Ag still important to North Dakota


By: Rob Port | Bakken.com “North Dakota is in an enviable position and will outperform the U.S. for the next several years thanks to its booming energy industry,” reads a recent economic report from Moody’s distributed to state legislators and other leaders. That’s not exactly surprising news. Every month it seems the State of North Dakota sets a new oil ...

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Bakken.com CEO presses North Dakota Governor on 630POV

By John Bestoloffe | Bakken.com Tuesday night on 6:30 Point of View on KX4, we continued our “Where is the Money?” series with North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple joining host Chris Berg and CEO of Bakken.com Mike Marcil to discuss the possibility of making North Dakota the first zero-tax state in the nation. Berg opened the show by asking viewers ...

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Mission creep for Bakken housing help

Bakken Housing Being Built Near Watford City

Contributed Article by Rob Port   During the 2011 legislative session Governor Jack Dalrymple sought from the state legislature, and won, the creation of a housing incentive fund. The premise behind the fund is that private businesses, organizations and individuals can make donations to the fund in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state income taxes. The money in ...

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