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Editorial: Of course, oil demonized Tesla

We understand the fundamental imperative of the oil industry and gasoline- and diesel-powered automakers. Money and market share are powerful motivators. In the recent assault on legislation to cut petroleum use by half, an oil industry front called California Drivers Alliance homed in on an especially rich and easy target: Tesla, the high-performance, high-cost cars that are largely California-made. “If ...

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Excerpts from recent North Dakota editorials

IAEA: the real deal breaker? Minot Daily News, Minot, Sept. 17, 2015 Especially when arms control treaties are involved, the devil really is in the details. There are plenty of them in President Barack Obama’s proposed deal over Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. And it turns out the public is not being given all the information. Not even our elected ...

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Column: Adviser not worried about NM energy sector

New Mexico welcome sign

New Mexico’s energy sector will be just fine. That’s the message James Clad brought when he spoke to the Santa Fe Council on International Relations. Clad is an adviser to both governments and the energy industry and a former U.S. assistant secretary of defense. He was recently the keynote speaker at “Fueling the World: Geopolitical Economy of Oil,” a forum ...

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Opinion: The time is ripe for a tax on oil extraction to pay for California road repairs

SACRAMENTO — California still is the only major oil-producing state that doesn’t tax the goo as it’s pumped from the earth. Yes, high-tax California. But never has there been a better time to change that and start making the oil companies pay their fair share. Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders have the petroleum industry right where they want ...

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Editorial: Will state lawmakers meet their deadline for a higher severance tax?

After years of profitable drilling by oil and gas companies, Ohioans still are waiting for severance tax increases that would provide fair compensation for the onetime extraction of their state’s natural resources. Bringing Ohio in line with other states hardly would create a competitive disadvantage, while ensuring money for inspection and oversight and helping communities address the wear and tear ...

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Oil trading in Asia reaches inflection point: Russell

–Clyde Russell is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are his own.– SYDNEY – Imagine what crude oil trading will look like in Asia in 10 years’ time. Probably quite different to like it does now. In recent months oil markets east of Suez have been roiled by the increasing influence of the trading arms of China’s state-controlled giants, PetroChina ...

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