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Firm hired to analyze ND’s oil incident response

oil sheen

WILLISTON, N.D. — The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services is hiring an emergency preparedness firm to analyze the state’s ability to confront oil incidents. Witt O’Briens, LLC will prepare a report examining North Dakota’s readiness to deal with oil incidents and making recommendations for improvements. The company will look at the state’s ability to prevent and respond to oil ...

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Noonan dumping case: OGD reduces fine from $800,000 to $20,000


In March of this year, after a string of incidents involving radioactive post-production filter socks, one hundred 55-gallon trash bags filled with them was found at an abandoned gas station in Noonan, North Dakota. It is considered the worst case of illegal dumping in the state’s history. According to John D. Taylor of the Tioga Tribune, shortly after the gas station ...

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The $11 million science experiment

pump jack

Chickasha is an oil town. It was an oil town 50 years ago, and it’s an oil town today. Energy is linked to the city’s economy and its history. Over the last two years development of a shale province rich in petroleum and natural gas have created a resurgence and a new boom. Houses are being built, businesses are moving ...

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Does ND need a regulation workover?

pump jacks

This week the New York Times released an extensive expose that highlights the flaws in North Dakota’s regulatory system for the oil and gas industry. It has been received in a variety of ways, on both sides of the issue. But one thing is indisputable about the piece–Deborah Sontag did her homework. Whether or not you think North Dakota needs ...

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Enbridge considers oil train line from Cushing


CUSHING, Okla. — A company that stores more than 20 million barrels at the Cushing crude oil hub is considering construction of a rail line from the town. The Journal Record newspaper of Oklahoma City reported Tuesday that Enbridge Energy Partners would work with Savage Services to operate a 120,000-barrel-per-day facility. Watco Cos. of Pittsburg, Kansas, would provide the rail line. ...

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Supreme Court takes up Montana coal tax dispute

Getty Images via Newscred

BILLINGS, Mont. — Montana tax authorities will appear before the state Supreme Court Tuesday to argue a Wyoming mining company owes $3.4 million for selling coal to an affiliate at less than market value. State officials says Cloud Peak Energy of Gillette, Wyo., undervalued coal it sold between 2005 and 2007 and paid too little in taxes as a result. ...

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BNSF promises to improve Casselton tracks


Many people looked at newspapers two weeks ago and were confused, thinking they were looking at an old issue. Another train had derailed in close to the same spot near Casselton, North Dakota. Thankfully, this time there were no injuries or explosions. It still outraged officials and area residents due to the derailment’s close proximity to the Theraldson Ethanol Plant. ...

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Why a Small North Dakota Town is Taking on Big Rail

canadian pacific

ENDERLIN, N.D., Nov 25 – After her shift at the TraXside Cafe in the southeast North Dakota hamlet of Enderlin, all Karla Souer wants to do is go home. Unfortunately for the 38-year-old waitress the commute, which should only last a minute or two, can take a half-an-hour. That’s because, chances are, there’s a Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd train blocking ...

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Joint ventures to develop oil infrastructure in North Dakota

phillips 66

Phillips 66 Partners and Paradigm Energy are establishing two joint ventures in order to aid North Dakota in its quest for more oil development infrastructure. These ventures will support two projects, the Sacagawea Pipeline and the Palermo Rail Terminal. The Sacagawea Pipeline will transport oil from McKenzie County to rail and pipeline receivers in Mountrail County. It will be 76 miles long ...

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Damsel in Defense: Pepper spray sales see spike in Bakken

stun gun

The oil industry isn’t the only thing that’s booming in the Bakken region. Coffee stands, laundromats and pretty much every other business have seen a ton of growth since the energy industry brought thousands of job opportunities to North Dakota. However, one industry’s growth could be a direct result of the less flattering aspects of the oil boom. The women’s ...

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