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BLM proposes flaring rule that could have big impact state revenues, royalty owners

A new rule will be presented by the Bureau of Land Management Thursday in Dickinson that could have a big impact on state tax revenues and royalty owner income. The proposed rule, which is aimed at curbing emissions and flaring, would seek to limit flaring from wells with mineral leases, but industry representatives warn the rule is duplicative to existing state ...

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Keeping it clean: Using natural gas as a smart energy source

light tower rentals natural gas generator

When people imagine an environmentally-friendly future, they picture massive wind turbines spiraling peacefully in the wind, solar panels collecting near-endless sunshine, and dams wrangling the sheer power of the waterways. They don’t, however, imagine a natural gas processing plant or natural gas generators. If humanity is to ever realistically achieve a “green” future, they should. Natural gas production has increased in years ...

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Cheniere Energy showcases first LNG export (VIDEO)

Cheniere showcases first LNG export (VIDEO)

Cheniere Energy released a video highlighting the first ever export of liquefied natural gas from the continental United States. Aerial shots show tugboats guiding the tanker to Cheniere’s Sabine Pass LNG Terminal and workers pumping LNG into vessel tanks. The cargo was loaded onto the tanker Asia Vision on Feb. 24. Brazil’s Petrobras purchased the 160,000 cubic meter shipment, which ...

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Koch Bros – Trump’s record is unacceptable

the republican party is overwhelmingly against a donald trump nomination and the koch brothers will spend their millions making sure it doesn't happen

Being prepared is critical to surviving unnatural calamities, and the Republican Party is beginning to plan for the worst – Donald Trump winning the presidential bid. Last week, during private meetings in Washington D.C. hosted by the Koch brothers, the party discussed what to do if and when Trump wins the nomination. As reported by the New York Times, Senate ...

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Top 5 Bakken stories of the week – February 21-27

top 5 bakken stories of the week february 21-27

It was a busy week in the Bakken, but probably not for the reasons the industry had hoped for. While the market fluctuated, investors applauded companies such as Whiting Petroleum and Chesapeake Energy when assets were sold and budgets were cut. Whiting, for example, announced it will suspend all new fracking and well completions the coming year and market shares ...

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Chesapeake halts Marcellus and Utica drilling

natural gas drilling rig

Yesterday Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) stock bounced back after its quarterly report was released. Investor confidence increased as assets were sold off and the company’s liquidity increased. Chesapeake should be able to pay its upcoming debts with the cash from the asset sales. Agreements to sell $700 million in gas fields and other assets were made. The company plans to sell between ...

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Energy sector movers, losers, and news: Investors cheer while employees mourn big layoffs

crude prices rise

This week major companies including Whiting, Marathon, and Halliburton announced restructuring and layoffs that have caused stock prices to increase. Whiting Petroleum Corp. (NYSE: WLL) opened Friday Feb. 26 at $3.53 per share and is up 11 percent today, trading at $3.92 after closing at its low yesterday. Whiting announced plans to freeze new fracking and well completions effective April ...

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Halliburton to cut 5,000 more jobs

Halliburton to cut 5,000 more jobs

Oilfield services company Halliburton will eliminate 5,000 more jobs – about 8 percent of its global workforce. Ongoing market conditions led to the decision, according to a statement by Halliburton. As oil prices hover near $30 per barrel, producers struggle to remain viable. Benchmark U.S. crude sold for $33.07 on Thursday. “We regret having to make this decision but unfortunately ...

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The oil and gas service industry’s paraffin solution

The oil and gas service industry's paraffin solution. The Flo-Rite Fluids Magnetic Fluid Conditioning systems prevent paraffin and scale buildup before it begins. On the left there is substantial paraffin accumulation. On the right is a pipe treated using the MFC system. (Image courtesy of Flo-Rite Fluids Inc.)

Oil well paraffin and scale control is an ongoing battle associated with tight oil production and is a pervasive issue in the ongoing drama of the American oil fields. The recurring expense of remedial paraffin control treatments is often favored over preventative measures, cutting into producers’ bottom line. But in today’s market climate in which efficiency is critical to survival, ...

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