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Hijacked Vietnamese tanker returned to port

The Vietnamese oil tanker which went missing last week has been recovered. The Sunrise 689 was released by its hijackers, returning to port at 5 p.m. (5 a.m. CST), according to Hilary Whiteman and Euan McKirdy for CNN. All 18 crew members on board were safely aboard the vessel. The ship had been relieved of approximately 2,000 tons of the ...

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$17.1 million bond levy passed for school expansion

Alexander Public School has received exciting news regarding the passing of the $17.1 million bond levy. It’s an exciting time for the district, as constituents voted in favor Tuesday evening of the $17.1 million bond levy that will expand the K-12 school in size by double.  The bond levy was approved 72 in favor to only 11 votes opposing.  Although ...

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A Diamond in the rough(neck)

61-year-old Carla Restivo isn’t too worried about abiding by the stereotypical norms associated with today’s workforce society, but rather shattering them completely. In a profession dominated by men, and I mean dominated–95 percent to be exact–Restivo is just one of a few women “roughnecking” it in the oil fields. Restivo has been roughing it with the boys for parts of ...

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First National Night Out since 2008

Tuesday night was an important for Odessa; communities around the city celebrated National Night Out (NNO). The streets of Odessa were filled Tuesday night with neighbors, cookouts and police officers for National Night Out. Twelve communities participated in this year’s event, which was the first NNO since 2008 due to a lack of officers. NNO is a time for communities ...

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RKI receives “Restore New Mexico” award


RKI Explorations & Productions LLC (RKI) was awarded for its efforts to conserve land in the Permian Basin. According to a press release on Tuesday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) awarded RKI, based out of Oklahoma, with the “Restore New Mexico” award.  BLM has given the award to companies, individuals, and organizations who work to restore public lands back ...

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Williston upcoming events

Need something to do? Williston is the place to go! Williston has lots of fun upcoming events, including Cecil’s Haunted House, Mixology, Run For Help 5K Zombie Challenge, Bras for a Cause, and Painting & Tasting Party, as well as Alien Ant Farm, Zeale and The Farthest Edge in concert. Cecil’s Haunted House is located north of Walmart on Highway ...

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Ebola patient in Dallas has died

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first diagnosed Ebola patient in the U.S., died this morning. The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, shared in a press release this morning that Duncan succumbed to the virus at 7:51 a.m., saying he fought courageously to overcome the malady. Duncan’s arrival in Texas with the illness has sparked a fervor of preparation for ...

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CN freight train derails, catches fire (Video)

A Canadian National Railway Company (CN) freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed on Tuesday, causing over 20 railcars to catch on fire, according to the Associated Press. The train was made up of three locomotives hauling 100 railcars, two of which were carrying petroleum distillates, which ultimately caused the massive fire and billows of thick, black smoke. No members of ...

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Facilities design summit addresses growing industry needs

facilities design poster

As the shale boom continues across the US, oil and gas companies must prepare for changes to accommodate higher production and expanding development. Facilities design is a key part of this change. An explosion of onshore, unconventional activity has meant that greater focus is being placed on costs, design and lead times of production, gathering, and handling facilities to accommodate expanding upstream development plans. With shale oil ...

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Action! Top 6 oil and gas related movies

oil and gas movies, there will be blood

Hollywood spends millions of dollars to captivate and to entertain audiences worldwide. Movies are about as commonplace as the energy needed to produce and view them. Sometimes they’re far removed from reality and rely on the viewer and their “willing suspension of disbelief.” Other times, they display characters struggling against insurmountable odds and the inevitable external and internal conflicts in ...

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