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Midland firm designs pitless drilling fluid system

drilling rig

By Mella McEwen, The Midland Reporter-Telegram, Texas Traditionally, drillers have utilized horizontal, rectangular, open earthen pits to store the drilling muds used to keep drill bits cool and return drill cuttings to the surface. That tradition is bumping up against changes that have operators looking for alternatives, said Ken Goldsmith, founder of Mudsmith. One change is a number of wells ...

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Industries tied to fracking


By Tom McParland, The Youngstown Vindicator, Ohio YOUNGSTOWN — At the Industrial Waste Control Inc. facility in Youngstown, a group of radiological engineers are trying something different when it comes to handling potentially radioactive material generated from shale drilling. Industrial Waste Control/Ground Tech Inc. received a permit to use a new method, which offers “a better, faster method to test ...

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Scientists create solar panel windows using quantum dots

solar window

By John Deede, Shale Plays Media | Google+ Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP), in collaboration with the University of Milan-Bicocca (UNIMIB), have demonstrated that “quantum dots” can harvest solar energy. By embedding quantum dots in translucent material, solar energy can be redirected to the sides to be absorbed by a solar cell located at ...

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Exxon CEO Tillerson withdraws from lawsuit over water tower


Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s participation in a highly publicized lawsuit to block construction of a 160-foot-tall water tower near his Denton County ranch is over. Tillerson and his wife have withdrawn their complaint, which they had brought as owners of Bar RR Ranches, according to court records. The Tillersons and other Bartonville landowners, including former U.S. House Speaker Dick ...

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“Solar Summit” honors industry leaders, new funding program announced by White House


Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media Last Thursday ten local leaders from around the United States were acknowledged at the White House to commemorate great achievements in solar energy expansion. This summit is the latest initiative of the president’s Climate Action plan. The “Solar Summit” was the latest summit held under the Champions of Change program. The program honors Americans ...

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(Video) MIT startup firm develops flying, portable wind turbine

altaeros 2

By John Deede, Shale Plays Media | Google+ Altaeros Energies, founded in 2010 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has created a flying wind turbine called the Buoyant Airborne Turbine, or BAT. Although the turbine lacks the giant propeller blades on traditional wind turbines, it makes up for its size with its versatility. The BAT can be deployed 1,000 feet ...

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Akon Lighting Africa hopes to bring solar power to 1 million households


By Lydia Gilbertson | Google+ Modern society is powered by electricity. From our cellphones to our air conditioners, it is essential to thrive in the contemporary world.  Sadly, almost a century after the invention of the light bulb, the majority of Africa is still unable to access the power grid leaving the continent’s economic development to struggle severely. African countries ...

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Pricing probe threatens Britain’s liberal energy market


LONDON/PARIS (Reuters) – An investigation of possible price collusion by British energy suppliers is likely to undermine the market framework that has helped make them more valuable than their European rivals. The probe, combined with plans to allow more state intervention in generation, throws into doubt the very premise of privatization started 28 years ago: that the power industry can ...

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