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North Dakota, Iran, Nigeria, and Russia…waste not, want not

gas flaring

By Stephen Edelstein, Guest blogger October 23, 2013 If North Dakota were a country, it would rank fifth behind Russia, Nigeria, Iran and Iraq on the list of worst natural-gas wasters, according to the World Bank. Why is North Dakota ranked so poorly? Because of flaring. The practice costs the state’s mineral-rights owners $1.2 billion per year in lost revenue. Edelstein explains what ...

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How natural gas prices are affected by winter weather


Natural gas prices are affected by winter weatherNatural gas prices are especially affected during the winter, as many households use natural gas for home heating. Warmer weather translates into less natural gas demand and, therefore, lower prices. Conversely, colder weather translates into more natural gas demand and higher prices. Natural gas prices affect the earnings of major domestic natural gas ...

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What the frack is up with America’s natural gas revolution?

natural gas

Americans are being subjected to a massive public relations assault attempting to persuade them that “fracking” for natural gas and oil is the key to America’s energy future and that this change will free them forever from the bondage of oil imports.What has really changed is the nation’s energy conversation. Until recently, it was about how the United States should ...

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$60 million from the US Energy Department dedicated to solar energy


WASHINGTON – Building on President Obama’s broad-based plan to cut carbon pollution and support clean energy innovation across the country, Energy Secretary Moniz announced today about $60 million to support innovative solar energy research and development. As part of the Department’s SunShot Initiative, these awards will help lower the cost of solar electricity, advance seamless grid integration and support a ...

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration puts out Drilling Productivity Report


Lynn Westfall and his team at the U.S. Energy Information Administration have been working for the past year on a new way to track oil production in the U.S. Westfall, director of energy markets, spoke with The Bakken magazine regarding the work put into the EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report and why the new report better reflects the country’s oil production. ...

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Oil and gas well permits


The following oil and/or gas well permits were issued by the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division for the week ending Oct. 3: Development, 1,943 feet ground, tight hole, Slawson Exploration Co. Inc., MACCOUGAR 3-30-19H SWSE 30-152N-92W, Mountrail County. Development, 2,212 feet ground, tight hole, Newfield Production Co., HOFFMANN 149-98-11-2-2H NENE 14-149N-98W, McKenzie County. Development, 2,211 feet ground, tight hole, ...

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Xcel’s wind energy project progresses


    Xcel Energy is halfway to winning the regulatory approval it needs to move forward with a 750-megawatt wind energy project — enough to power about 200,000 homes. The Minneapolis-based utility said Thursday that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has signed off on the plan, which includes the construction of two wind farms in Minnesota and two more in ...

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Natural gas boom furnishes no price drop

natural gas

Leave it to British wits to put to rest any notion that the world’s winter energy woes have been eliminated by the North American natural gas boom. They let loose Thursday, soon after Great Britain’s largest energy supplier, British Gas, announced a 10 percent price hike to go into effect on the eve of the cold season. In what will ...

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