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Ohio reconsiders and discloses oil train records


COLUMBUS, Ohio — More than a dozen trains loaded with over 1 million gallons of crude oil cross Ohio every week. Ohio officials released the information to The Associated Press Thursday after earlier refusing to disclose it. Federal transportation officials ordered the railroads last spring to notify states about trains carrying at least 1 million gallons of crude oil. CSX ...

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Editorial: Obama should sign Keystone Pipeline bill

Sections of pipeline purposed for the Keystone XL awaiting construction. (AP File photo via NewsCred)

The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to follow the House in authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Amendments remain to be worked out with the House, but a compromise version is expected to reach President Obama’s desk as soon as next week. And Obama, who has appealed to Republicans to work with him — including on infrastructure, beyond this one ...

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Gas prices rise after 123 days of dropping

Getty Images via Newscred

CARLSBAD – It would appear that the drop in gas prices might have come to a halt, as local gas prices have inched back up, with the highest price in town hitting $1.95. “The national average for gas increased for the first time in 123 days, ending the longest streak of daily price declines,” AAA said Tuesday. However, AAA also ...

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COGCC has a plan for future earthquakes

Image via Flickr

After two small earthquakes last year, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission used a “stoplight” risk management plan to prevent or control future quakes. Two small earthquakes in the same Weld County location, on May 31 and June 23, were likely caused by a nearby injection well, but the COGCC said NGL Water Solutions was not in violation of ...

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Keystone sails past senate, presidential veto looms


Today, The United States Senate passed the most current Keystone XL pipeline legislation. In a press release, API President and CEO Jack Gerard said the Senate’s strong bipartisan passage of legislation to build the Keystone XL pipeline shows Congress can find common ground and follow the will of the American people. Now, it’s the president’s turn to show he’s ready ...

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Wolf to restore ban on new gas drilling leases


HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gov. Tom Wolf is poised to sign an executive order ending a short-lived effort by former Gov. Tom Corbett to expand the extraction of natural gas from rock buried deep beneath Pennsylvania’s state parks and forests. The Democrat plans to sign the order restoring a moratorium on new drilling leases involving public lands Thursday at Benjamin Rush ...

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From oil wells to eyelashes, wait — what?

1920s "Lash-Brow-Ine." Image via Flickr.

Very few associate 1860s oil wells with women’s smiling faces, but in an odd way they go hand-in-hand.  Or shall I say, eyelash-in-eyelash. It all began in 1865 when Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a 22-year-old chemist, decided to leave the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania, and return to his laboratory in Brooklyn, New York.  Upon returning, he decided to experiment with ...

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API announces new Colorado office

Getty Images via Newscred

The American Petroleum Institute made an announcement today regarding the establishment of its Colorado Petroleum Council. The new office will focus on energy priorities in the state, including hydraulic fracturing, job creation and energy infrastructure. In addition to the announcement of the new Colorado office, API has also hired Tracee Bentley to lead its new office as executive director. Bentley ...

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