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Deep-pocketed institutional funds scaling back emerging markets


LONDON – Big pension, insurance and sovereign funds may be scaling back investments in emerging markets amid disappointing returns and a darkening outlook for the sector. These deep-pocketed funds — global pension assets alone are worth over $35 trillion — are relatively recent entrants to emerging markets, driven by the collapse in Western bond yields and the need for diversification. ...

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Gas prices edge up again

With oil prices inching up and routine maintenance of refineries continuing, the price of gasoline rose slightly at the pump over the past week. Yet gas remains almost $1 per gallon cheaper than a year ago and probably will drop by year-end to the $2 per gallon range, travel club AAA said in its weekly fuel briefing. On Monday, the ...

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Coal industry’s future gloomy


Rob Napier, a displaced coal miner, has an accent that is the audio equivalent to chummy handshake. His speech and phrases are folksy and polite, until he starts talking about what Washington and Charleston are doing to the coal industry. That is when politeness leaves the self-described “good Christian” and his ire comes out. “We’ve been screwed,” he said. After ...

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Saudi state claws back unspent money as finances tighten

RIYADH/KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s finance ministry, seeking to cut waste as state revenues shrink because of low oil prices, is telling government bodies to return unspent money which they were allocated in this year’s budget, sources familiar with the policy told Reuters. Over the past several years of sky-high oil, government bodies in the world’s top oil exporting ...

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Renewable energy and efficiency in the same sector at last

It’s apparent that after the Clean Power Plan was released by the Obama Administration that the energy sector would undergo some fundamental changes. Though this might be too good to be true, renewable energy and efficiency are both contributing to a decrease in fossil fuels. Efficient use means smarter use. Don’t underestimate the impact efficiency can have on energy use. ...

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Parts sold from biofuel plant that owes Mississippi $79M

JACKSON, Miss. — Equipment from the failed KiOR biofuel plant in Columbus is being sold, but Mississippi taxpayers are likely to recover little of the $79 million that the state is seeking. Iowa-based REG Synthetic Fuels is paying a receiver $1.5 million for some refining equipment at the KiOR plant, which was supposed to turn wood chips into a crude ...

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