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Southern Co. to buy AGL Resources

money stack

Southern Co. is buying AGL Resources Inc. for approximately $8 billion, which would create the second-biggest utility company in the U.S. by customer base. The combined business will include 11 regulated electric and natural gas distribution companies, serving approximately 9 million customers in nine states. Customers will continue to be served by their current gas and electric utility companies. Atlanta-based ...

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LOIS HENRY: We don’t need more misinformation about fracking

Sometimes the only appropriate response I can muster to the idiocy that goes on in Sacramento is “Oh, brother.” We are a family newspaper, after all. This time, it’s a bill by Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D- Burbank, that would require all food irrigated with oilfield water to be labeled, “Grown using recycled or treated hydraulic fracturing oilfield wastewater.” In other ...

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Mood sours among Saudi businessmen as oil slides

Destination Saudi Arabia . Riyadh on the map shown by pin

  RIYADH/KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabian entrepreneur Essam al-Zamel has overcome many obstacles to found a string of technology companies in the past decade, but he thinks sliding oil prices will be hard to handle. “A black economic cloud is covering the skies of Saudi Arabia,” Zamel tweeted last week, warning that prices might not recover for five or ...

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Kansas earthquake decline coincides with injection rate reductions

Earthquakes in Kansas have decreased since the Kansas Corporation Commission ordered oil companies in two southern counties to reduce the amount of saltwater they inject back into the ground, a state official said Friday. But it’s too soon to tell whether the decrease is a direct result of the KCC mandate, said Rex Buchanan, interim director of the Kansas Geological ...

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EPA proposes cutting methane emissions nearly in half by 2025

pollution out of pipe

The federal Environmental Protection Agency this week unveiled a proposal aimed at dramatically curbing methane pollution from oil and gas facilities. The proposal is another aspect of the push by President Barack Obama to attack climate change and the gases that contribute to global warming. The new rules would require drillers to stop leaks and capture lost gas, even in ...

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Park County cuts Marathon a break on office rent

marathon oil

CODY, Wyo.  — Park County commissioners have given one of the world’s biggest oil companies a break on paying office space rent, citing the oil and gas industry’s financial woes because of low prices. At the company’s request, the commission provided Marathon Oil Corp. a two-year reprieve from the annual 2.4 percent rate hikes they typically demand of office tenants ...

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Report: Massachusetts riddled with natural gas leaks

BOSTON — An analysis of the state’s aging natural gas pipelines has found that they are riddled with about 20,000 potentially dangerous and environmentally damaging leaks which may cost ratepayers more than $1 billion. The analysis was conducted by Home Energy Efficiency Team, a Cambridge nonprofit that mapped the leak data submitted by the utilities under a new state law. ...

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Gas pipeline could fill Danvers coffers

Natural gas pipeline

DANVERS – A proposed natural gas pipeline through a western section of town has not fueled emotions the way it has in neighboring Peabody, and that’s because the new pipeline would travel along an existing utility corridor that skirts the town’s former landfill on East Coast Road. “We haven’t had any calls from residents because it’s at the landfill,” Town ...

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Johnston landowners hold hands to protest pipeline

Juggling umbrellas in the afternoon rain, 16 Johnston County landowners joined hands Tuesday to protest a proposed natural gas pipeline. Francine Stephenson gathered the group on her family’s land, which falls in the planned pathway of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. If approved by federal regulators, the $5 billion project would lay 550 miles of underground pipe in West Virginia, Virginia ...

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