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Williston survey: Roommates key to affording rent

WILLISTON, N.D. (A.P) — A community survey conducted in Williston shows roommates are key to affording rent in that city.

The Williston Affordable Housing Committee says the majority of the 379 people who anonymously answered the survey reported living with roommates to cut down high rent costs.

The survey showed that 137 live with one to three roommates; 79 live with four to six roommates; five live with seven to nine roommates; and two live with 13 to 15 roommates.

An oil boom has led to a housing crunch in Williston as people have flocked to the region in search of high-paying jobs. A recent study from an apartment renting guide found that Williston has the highest average rent in America.

Williston’s population has more than doubled since 2010.

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