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Letter: PSC impressive at Enbridge Sandpiper public hearing

By Jordan Selinger

I recently attended the Enbridge Sandpaper pipeline public hearing in Grand Forks. I was impressed with the openness and thoroughness of the process. The Public Service Commissioners asked a lot of questions about the safety of the pipeline, environmental concerns, construction, monitoring and disaster response.

They discussed, in detail, the river crossing. In addition, they heard several hours of public comment from individuals and groups both in favor and opposed to the project. With recent concerns throughout the nation regarding pipeline safety, it was encouraging to hear the commissioners focus on the safety of the Enbridge Sandpaper pipeline.

As a law student who cares about fairness and order I was very encouraged by the Public Service Commission in action. Our state is facing many changes. While there are many positive results to these recent changes, it is refreshing to know that there are people in positions, like the PSC, that care about the future of North Dakota.

As a young adult, these decisions will have a major impact on my future. It is nice to see the concerns voiced and weighed in hearings such as this. I trust the commissioners to make the right decision to ensure that myself and my fellow young North Dakotans have a state to be proud of.

Many thanks to Commissioner Julie Fedorchak, who heads up the pipeline siting formula, as well as Commissioners Brian Kalk and Randy Christmann for their efforts to make sure the public had a voice in siting this important project.

Jordan Selinger,


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