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Dunn County Road
Photo: Dunn County Extra

Dunn County Commission Will No Longer Tolerate Injury to Public Roads

By: Glenn Eckelberg, Dunn County Chair

Oil and gas producers in Dunn County, ND have been causing massive amounts of injury to public roads. In 2013 Dunn County has experienced growing problems with companies affiliated with energy development driving tracked vehicles on public roads in violation of North Dakota law.

In some instances, these tracked vehicles were driven on roads where dust control had recently been laid down; in other instances these vehicles were driven across asphalt surfaces; and in other instances they were moved within country right of way parallel to the road bed causing surface disruption and erosion issues. No protective measures were implemented to prevent damage to the surface. The damage and ensuing cost of repair to the County was significant.

Dunn County will not tolerate tracked vehicles driving on and damaging public roads and right of way. These vehicles cause injury, even if not immediately visible; and unnecessarily drive up the cost of maintenance and repair.

Willful injury to a public road (which includes the ditches) is a criminal offense in North Dakota, with a possible maximum fine of up to $20,000.00 for corporate entities; and for an individual, a maximum penalty of up to $1,5oo.00 and thirty days imprisonment.


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