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OCI breaks ground on third solar plant

SAN ANTONIO — OCI Solar Power announced Tuesday that it broke ground on its third Texas solar farm, which will provide enough power for more than 6,000 homes in the San Antonio-area.

The solar array is part of OCI’s large and controversial solar power deal with city-owned CPS Energy, which will provide 400 megawatts of solar power overall to the utility.

“Alamo 4 is our first Texas project outside of the Greater San Antonio area,” OCI Solar Power President and CEO Tony Dorazio said in a statement. “Our fast movement around the state is reflective of the renewable energy landscape in the U.S. It’s growing quickly.”

Last year, OCI completed construction on its first solar power plant in Texas and began construction on its second, both of which are included in its power-purchase arrangement with CPS.

That deal required OCI and its consortium partners to create 800 jobs and invest at least $100 million in the San Antonio-area in exchange for the massive power contract.

Financial difficulties at the parent company for one of the consortium’s key suppliers, Mission Solar Energy LLC, made the project a magnet for criticism.

Nexolon Co. Ltd., its parent company, sold a majority stake in Mission Solar to OCI Solar Power in July.

Mission Solar was formerly known as Nexolon America LLC.


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