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Bankrupt Natural Gas Company Filing Suit against NY Governor

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Norse Energy Corp, a defunct natural gas company in New York State is planning to sue Gov. Andrew Cumo for taking too long to rule on whether or not large-scale fracking would be permitted in the area. The moratorium has been in action for around 5.5 years and the Department of Environmental Conservation has been doing a large-scale fracking review. The company is also suing the smaller communities of Dryden and Middlefield NY because of their imposed fracking bans.

Norse claims that the company is bankrupt because the state refuses to release the findings of their study, and allowing them to continue production. The suit claims that the moratorium is an abuse of power, and that the study has been completed since 2012.

The company still owns 130,000 acres of land for drilling in Erie County. The suit was submitted after the company had asked for a timetable for the release of the health statement, and did not get a response.

Cumo stated that he will not release the findings until he is “comfortable with the state of the science” due of the health and safety of individuals in New York being his number one priority.

Norse does not believe that the local commissioners have the power to prolong the hearing any longer.

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