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Turkmenistan to increase capacity of export pipeline to Iran

The Keymir gas compressor station that was commissioned in western Turkmenistan by Turkmenneft State Concern and GP Global Equipment Ltd (Great Britain) will create additional opportunities for increasing energy resource exports, the Turkmen Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources said on Dec.18.

“In the case of necessity, this compressor station can transport environmentally friendly fuel to the Turkmenistan-Iran interstate highway through a comprehensive gas treatment facility at the Akpatlauk field located near Keymir,” the ministry said.

Keymir is able to solve the most important task, the industrial use of associated petroleum gas. Previously this gas was flared, but now it will be used for intensification of oil production, especially in gas-lift wells.

The ministry also said that over $135 million worth of the makeup of the complex includes treatment, separation and cooling of ‘blue fuel’ systems working on the basis of the latest technologies, gas measuring units, gas turbine and diesel power plant and transformer substation.

South West Turkmenistan has a number of large fields and prospective areas that serve as a raw material base for Turkmenistan and the Iran interstate gas pipeline (Korpeje-Kurt-Kui). Korpeje-Balkanabad pipeline begins from there. The hydrocarbon feedstock is transported to the Turkmenbashi Oil Refineries Complex via this pipeline.

Turkmenistan exported about 4.5 billion cm of gas to Iran during last years, indicating about 60 percent decrease, comparing to 2011.

Mehr news agency reported last fall that Iran’s debts to Turkmenistan amount about $1 billion. Recently Iran’s oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh asked Turkmenistan to boost gas supplies to Iran, due to shortages of it in the winter months.

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