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Hess Pulling ahead, Newfield Exploration investors falling behind.

By: , Shale Plays Media

Looking ahead to 2014, investors should stand up and take notice of Hess Energy Company.

Not only because of their incredible double stock return of the S&P 500 in 2013, but because they are the up and coming oil sensation stock of 2014.

Due to their recent major transition, Hess is in the process of completing a few projects before it can truly pull ahead of the other players. Their retail gas station is a primary example and is gathering a lot of attention worldwide. Investors are looking at a 1,300-store chain station; and current prospective buyers include the likes of Marathon Petroleum.

Once Hess makes a decision on its gas station chain, they will be able to focus on their oil-rich growth in primarily the North Dakota Bakken Shale. They are the third largest oil production company in the state, and weren’t able to fully achieve their potential in the area until the implementation of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. They expect Bakken to perform extremely well in 2015. Their oil-rich growth is their main catalyst for success in 2014.

Hess has also begun to take notice of the Utica Shale in Qubec, Ohio, and New York. They are in possession of 95,000 acres of its own land and also shares 95,000 acres with CONSOL Energy.

In 2015 Hess is projected to be even more successful and investor friendly.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Newfield Exploration’s investors are not too pleased with the direction the company is heading. Many investors sold their stocks almost immediately after hearing the company’s plans for 2014.

Their plan, projected across the next three years, only creates a growth of production by about 20%. These numbers are just not in the realm of the other major players in the oil production business. Newfield also plans to invest most of their capital in Oklahoma fields rather than its prime positions in the Uinta, Eagle Ford, and Bakken shales.

Although Newfield’s plan is not popular with its investors, it is projected to gross 25% annually.

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