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Jamestown North Dakota

Jamestown Prepares For Population and Economic Boom

Jamestown’s population of 15-thousand people is getting ready for a major jump,  as plans for energy projects in nearby Spiritwood move closer to reality.   All of it is tying together North Dakota agriculture and energy production. And all of it should mean the largest population growth Jamestown and surrounding Stutsman County have seen in decades.

Dave Klein, Housing Authority: “It would not surprise me to 

see Jamestown at 5,000 more, around 20 to 21,000. Just a lot of things keep
happening… just a lot of spill over from Bakken. Even the oil maps keep inching
closer to Stutsman and Foster Counties.”

Financing for a new 130-milllion dollar ethanol plant at nearby Spiritwood is expected to close within days with construction beginning next month. And plans for a new, 1-point-2 billion dollar fertilizer plant at the same site are still moving forward with a target of construction beginning next year.

Katie Anderson, Jamestown Mayor: “The steam comes across the road from the electricity plant and the ethanol plant gets located as close to that as possible. What we call the Spiritwood Energy Park has 550 acres.”    The 2 new plants are expected to create 300 full time jobs and over 2-thousand temporary jobs for construction workers. However, the best part is long term… the new plants are expected to create as many as one-thousand, full time spin off jobs in support industries like trucking and railroads.

Katie Anderson: “We’re hoping for some increase in our retail and service industries as a result of having this growth in the base. It really should create a nice growth pattern across the entire County and region.”   Natural gas from oil wells will be piped in for production of fertilizer at that new plant. Corn will be used for the production of ethanol at the other plant.

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