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Williston gets a Fuddruckers

A new type of hamburger is now available in Williston.

On Tuesday, Fuddruckers opened its doors and within an hour, a line of customers was waiting to order.

As the customers lined up, Gurhan Adali was all smiles. Months of work and a lot of risk was finally beginning to pay off for the businessman from Washington D.C.

“It’s very exciting for us,” Adali said. “It’s great to be here.”

Adali and his cousin, Celal Adali, are co-owners of Fuddruckers and the Brooks Hotel based next to it. The two businesses are located north of Walmart on Highway 2.

Gurhan Adali said the dream of owning businesses in North Dakota began two years ago after the cousins moved their business, Serka Services, to the nation’s capital.

Serka provided a lot of services to the defense industry and had experience in man camps, something that was growing in the Williston area.

“We were looking at some options for investing and a friend recommended the Bakken oilfield in North Dakota,” Adali said. “So we came out here.”

Adali said he noticed there were already a lot of man camps and a lot of RVs, so Serka decided to look at another option.

“We wanted to do something permanent where we could help the community,” he said. “So we decided to build the hotel.”

But while the cousins were in Williston, they noticed something else.

“We got into a lot of restaurants and couldn’t get a table, couldn’t find the variety we wanted,” Adali said. “So we decided to build a Fuddruckers.”

Adali said he looked at Fuddruckers because it was one of his favorite restaurants and was always popular when family visited from Turkey. He went to Houston to talk to the company and ended up securing the rights to all of North Dakota.

“It’s our families favorite restaurant,” Adali said. “It’s an honor to own this restaurant.”

The Williston restaurant will seat 146 people, and Adali said he expects it will be popular in the area.

Adali said the eatery has been successful across the nation because it offers fresh food and a lot of choices.

“You have the option of building your own hamburger,” he said. “You choose your meat, you choose your cheese and then it’s up to you.

“The buns are fresh, the meat is fresh. We have deliveries every two days, and the buns are made every day in the store.”

While Fuddruckers is complete and open, the Adalis are still tying up loose ends on the Brooks Hotel. Adali said major construction is finished and the final cosmetic touches are being finished. He said they hope to receive a certificate of occupancy by Thanksgiving and have the restaurant open by Christmas.

When the Williston projects are complete, the focus will turn to other parts of the state. Serka hopes to break ground on a Fuddruckers in Minot next month and plans on building four more over the next five years.

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