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Hatch Coaching Summit Hosts Leaders from Energy, Emergency Services

As energy towns across the region are reinventing their downtowns, infrastructure and cutlture, Erik Hatch, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, hosted his first Leadership Summit in Downtown Fargo on reinventing the corporate culture and startup leadership.

The event was attended by a diverse group of leaders including emergency response, non-profit, energy, finance, media, real estate and other industries. Guest speakers included, US Congressman Kevin Cramer and motivational speaker, Mark J. Lindquist.

“We were ecstatic with the response for our first Leadership Summit with attendees coming to Fargo from across the region and as far as Toronto,” said Erik Hatch. “We were also honored to have US Congressman Kevin Cramer join us to speak on the current climate of leadership and share stories from his Washington, D.C.”

Hatch also commented on Lindquist’s presentation “Passion! 8 Steps to Reignite Yours”  and how well it was received by the attendees.

“It was awesome seeing Mark in his element and making an impact the attendees experience at the Summit,” said Erik Hatch.

In addition to the guest speakers, a number of other topics were covered by Erik and his team. The Leadership Summit revolved around the importance of becoming a better leader to help rise the tide for everyone.

“It’s not about transactions, but making people’s lives better,” said Greg Brock, owner of Atlas Premier Realty based in Maryland.

The next scheduled Hatch Coaching major Leadership Event is Tuesday, June 12th at the Fargo Theatre. For more information, contact Rachel Johnson at events@hatchcoaching.com or log onto HatchCoaching.com.