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From the Bakken to Burgum, Otis continues to show why he is the MultiMedia Kidtrepreneur

By Jason Spiess, The Crude Life

After taking a year off to pursue a passion of learning the ins and outs of Pokemon, MultiMedia Kidtrepreneur Otis is back interviewing some the top minds and personalities in the nation.

Multimedia Kidtrepreneur Otis recently sat down with The First Lady of North Dakota, Kathryn Helgaas Burgum for a Kids and Capitalism KidCast. He is currently working on a series titled – “First Jobs.”  He also interviewed ND Governor Doug Burgum, which is schedule to “drop on YouTube” next week as an episode of his “First Jobs” webisode series. In addition, he has also interviewed inventors, farmers, CEOs and U.S Senators.

In this exclusive interview with Kathryn Helgaas Burgum, Otis asks The First Lady about her first job and what advice she has for young entrepreneurs.

Otis began his entrepreneur journey at the age of 30 days old. A Fargo, ND, advertising agency, Video Arts Studio, was working on a new project for Discovery Channel and needed a month old baby for the cover art and pilot program “Sheri Daniel’s Baby 101”. A week before his big break, Rock-and-Roll icon Alice Cooper held baby Otis and proclaimed, “Otis! He will do amazing things in life!” Although the pilot was not picked up, Otis began his multimedia resume.

At the age of 2, Otis landed some voice work for highly-rated The Tom Wynn and Friends morning show on 790 KFGO-AM in Fargo, ND. From Christmas imaging to liners to ad copy, Otis’ voice grew with the demand. He continued his voice work for a variety of AM and FM radio stations and programs until his family temporarily moved to the Bakken oilfields when he reached the age of five.

Otis continued honing his craft in the Bakken by reading the “Daily Lunch Room Report” for I Heart Media North Dakota, formerly Clear Channel. Otis produced the daily program for western North Dakota and online listeners. During this time of Otis’ life, he also worked as a host and cashier for family-owned multi-media food truck.  Customers loved seeing Otis work a crowd and count change for a BBQ sandwich on Highway 22 in Dickinson, ND.

To listen to the Daily Lunch Room Report, click here

After a year, Otis returned to Fargo, ND, and began looking for his next endeavor. After a lunch with entrepreneur Marty Riske, Otis found his next job – restocking shelves for a video game store after a remodel. Otis began working for VidCycle in Fargo learning the value of hard work, time cards and working with managers. He did such a good job with stocking shelves, they added the duty of customer service on the floor. Otis was living the dream – talking to people about video games.

Otis asks U.S. Senator John Hoeven and Amy Klobachar about how STEM education will help him as a future entrepreneur.

Otis decided to take his passion for making money and giving back to the next level – a podcast. The Kids and Capitalism KidCast was created, a mentor in the media was secured and now even some radio stations even air his program.  Although the “official”name is KidCast, Otis often refers to it as his “O-Cast”.

Currently Otis is host and producer of the Kids and Capitalism KidCast and walks two dogs five days a week for a neighbor. Otis also gives presentations on “Kidtrepreneurism” and contracts voice work for ad agencies, radio stations, and sponsors.

If you are interested more information on the Kids and Capitalism KidCast, Otis’ professional skills or any other questions, please visit www.kidsandcapitalism.com

Oh, and if you are wondering about his Pokemon path, Otis placed in the Top 8 at the Madison Regional Pokemon Tournament, which was his first major Pokemon Tournament experience.

Otis being interviewed by Darrin from the Dead Draw Gaming Podcast

He also was interviewed on two “Gamer Podcasts” and received several inquires from game companies to sponsor Otis’ Pokemon Adventures in 2018.  To see a video series on Otis’ Madison Pokemon adventure, click here.