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North Dakota Governor (left) begin interviewed by multimedia journalist Jason Spiess (right) in his Fargo office. Photo: Jason Spiess, The Crude Life Media Network.

Energy-focused media companies form partnership

FARGO, ND – Energy Media Group, which manages a number of energy related news sites (Bakken.com) and The Crude Life, a digital, radio and print network dedicated to telling the story of the Bakken, announced today they are bringing their audiences and resources together to create a comprehensive platform for energy related news, content and advertising.

“This alliance is something we are very excited about,” Mike Marcil, CEO, Energy Media Group said. “We have identified a truly like-minded partner interested in offering both the audience and the advertising community an outlet like to other. Jason Spiess has proven that he is the most trusted voice in the Bakken.”

Jason Spiess is the host of The Crude Life radio network and a features writer for a number of media outlets has been reporting on the Bakken since 2012.

“Energy development is a culture and a lifestyle, not just an industry or stock price,” Spiess said. “The evolution and growth in the Bakken are historic and the stories need to be told.”

Both Energy Media Group and The Crude Life will cross-promote the energy content, which will include feature stories, live events, podcasts and video updates.  Spiess will continue to produce content and work for other media outlets too. In the past, Spiess has also worked as a guest correspondent for a number of local and global news organizations from 660 KEYZ AM Williston to CNBC to the BBC World.

Reporting on energy without the politics

The Crude Life has always been about creating original energy content focused on community-based news and uncovering the human element of the Bakken.

According to Marcil, “There’s no shortage of political talk out there.  Facebook, radio, television, the newspaper, it’s everywhere by everyone.  Except Jason Spiess. Our massive digital footprint, his content and The Crude Life’s terrestrial media will together innovate advertising and promotional initiatives that bring incredible added value to advertisers looking for scale and an efficient way to reach discerning millennials, retiring veterans and everyone in between.”

Spiess said watching the energy industry become efficient and collaborate together was a large part of the Content Share discussion between the two media organizations.

A win for the energy industry

“By combining our complementary strengths and platforms we’ll offer much more value to our audience, advertisers and distributor partners through this innovative collaboration,” Spiess said.

Marcil added that with this joint content and advertising partnership, their distribution will now include over 30 radio stations, newspapers and magazines as well as over 100,000 social media followers.  A Bakken newsmagazine video program is scheduled to be added to the digital programming mix in 2018, as well as being added to several television stations across the region.

“This is a win-win-win kind-of-a-deal,” Marcil said. “A win for our companies, a win for the industry and a win for the local Bakken communities.  So much is happening in the Bakken and the need for factual information is critical for creating a culture of positivity and an overall improved quality of life.”

The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

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