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Pharmacy ND launches new educational website

As Republicans prepare to reveal their new healthcare plan, one North Dakota news and informational website is prepared to help citizens understand all the confusing, information surrounding the industry. The topic is universal to everyone, and no one can argue that it’s anything less than complicated. With this in mind, the creators of Pharmacy ND want to make understanding the many topics surrounding healthcare in North Dakota easier.

Those at Pharmacy ND noticed that many people had no idea what health-related legislation in North Dakota was in the works, what changes might be on the horizon for Medicaid and Medicare, or even what Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are. That’s why they created a comprehensive healthcare website covers all the bases. According to their press release, their objective is as follows:

Pharmacy ND provides comprehensive, insightful news, articles and information about healthcare in North Dakota. The publication features extensive educational material for online readers. With an aim to educate, engage and empower our community, Pharmacy ND covers the latest news and information that affect industry professionals as well as average North Dakotans. We keep updating our news coverage to keep you informed.

To read the entire press release or to find out more about Pharmacy ND, visit their website.


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