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ExxonMobil came in at No. 13 on Forbes global list of the most powerful public companies of 2017. Image: Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Who made the A list? Forbes’ list of top 2000 companies

When Forbes releases a list about successful companies, people are anxious to read who’s who among the big players. Everyone wants to know who’s winning, and who’s slipping. The list, according to Forbes, compiled by measuring each company based on revenues, profits, assets and market value.

And despite difficult times, and a downturn in oil, Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 list of the world’s biggest and most powerful public companies has more than one oil and gas operator on it. In fact, a couple of them even made the top 20, right up there with Apple and a long list of banks from around the world.

The largest oil and gas company on the list of the world’s biggest public companies was ExxonMobil, which ranked thirteenth on the list. General Electric, which is energy-related, ranked at number 14. Still in the top 20 was Royal Dutch Shell. Many of the big name oil and gas companies are on the list, such as Phillips 66, Valero, Marathon, ConocoPhillips, and more.

If you filter by oil and gas operations in the U.S., you’ll find 26 companies in the top 2000. Chevron, which ranked number 28 last year, fell hard to number 359. According to Forbes, the company ended last year $431 million in the red but managed to swing a profit in its latest quarter.

Add oil and gas services and equipment to the list, and you’ll see another 7 names added to the list of those in the top 2000. Among them, Kinder Morgan, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Williams, Baker Hughes, Oneok, and National Oilwell Varco.

Many of the companies on the list operate across many of the oil and gas producing areas in the United States, and of course many of them operate worldwide.

If you filter the list by state, however, you’ll find that the companies in oil and gas are primarily based in Texas. Despite the amount of oil and gas coming out of other areas, the companies are Texas-based. Not a single company in the top 2000 was based in North Dakota, even in oil and gas. They just don’t exist.

Be sure to read the whole article at Forbes, or just view the list of top 2000 companies here. You can sort the list by industry, country, and even by state to find out which companies, and which industries, are thriving.





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