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The Village, land donation
The Village Family Service Center, based in Fargo, received a gift of land worth $2.3 million from local businessman and real estate developer, Mike Marcil.

The Village secures largest donation in organization history

mike marcil, village donation

Mike Marcil, Fargo ND real estate developer and businessman.

A North Dakota native and real estate developer made a unique and substantial donation to a Fargo-based nonprofit human services organization. Mike Marcil (not affiliated with Forum Communications) recently donated a gift of real estate worth $2.3 million to The Village Family Service Center, the organization that supports programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Nokomis Child Care Centers, First Step Recovery, and adoption services. The major gift could increase in value to $3 million over time.

Marcil has been a longtime supporter of The Village, advocating for underprivileged youth and young adults dealing with addiction crises. Inspired in part by his mother, Kathy Marcil, who is an addiction counselor, Marcil knows the difficulty in funding community nonprofit programs that rely on outside donations.

Philanthropic endeavors typically involve cash donations, but Marcil isn’t a typical businessman. A creative and innovative thinker, Marcil recognized real estate as a more sustainable donation.

“This idea of using real estate in conjunction with philanthropy to sustainably fund nonprofits is an idea that Gary Wolsky, the longtime CEO of The Village, and I have been working on for over five years,” said Marcil. “This model could be transformational by allowing investors, developers and other holders of real estate to creatively partner with nonprofits like The Village in a way that makes great financial sense and also provides a long-term legacy in the process. I decided to make my first donation significant enough to encourage others in a similar position to consider real estate gifting strategies in their philanthropic planning. My hope is this will be the first of many such projects inspired by The Village and Gary’s forward thinking,” Marcil said in the release.

The property donated by Marcil includes 92 acres of prime commercial and residential development land in Arizona, including water rights and a water distribution business that will be marketed for sale. For more information on the land, visit the Mojave Water Company website. 

Marcil said he feels good knowing that his donation isn’t just a one-time gift, but a gift that will make a difference far longer and hopes it demonstrates one of many ways that donors can have a positive impact on nonprofit organizations with creative charitable gift-giving. To make your own charitable donation to The Village’s Second Century Initiative, click here.

Marcil’s donation to The Village isn’t the only way he has supported local nonprofits and charities. His recently made a donation to PATH, Inc. to support adoption services and treatment foster care. His cash donation followed his involvement in a six-month plan that led to the organization’s new headquarters on Westrac Drive in Fargo. He established the Empowerment Project Foundation, a nonprofit that supported homelessness prevention and education scholarships. The Empowerment Project consolidated its mission and giving strategies around other organizations, including The Village, at the end of 2016.


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