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Dakota Access
Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in New York. (via Flickr)

What are the long term effects of the Dakota Access showdown?

The standoff at the site of the Dakota Access pipeline is still fresh. It represents a moment in North Dakota history that won’t easily fade. The manner in which the situation played out could have farther reaching impacts than we ever thought possible.

Hart Energy’s Political Sidetrack Podcast features Troy Eid, an experienced attorney on Native American consultations for energy and infrastructure, who explains what happened in the lead up to the protests and how the court proceedings, particularly when it comes to tribal law, played out. He also discusses the possible lasting effects of the standoff and the rulings on the energy industry.


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  1. One long term effect – a lot of people, myself included, have lost sympathy for the native Americans in ND. SICK of tax dollars going to poeple that aren’t trying to help themselves and don’t appreciate anything anyway. And I’m part NA ! Nothing that conservatives can do would ever be enough, so the h*ll with it.

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