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Crude oil: Are we seeing a short term low?

Today’s Market Quick take from Eugene Graner at Heartland Investor Services gives us a quick 4 1/2 minute update on the crude oil markets and short term outlook. Inside this 4 ½ minute video, he shows how oil might bounce from some support before the second shoe drops. Today’s low of $47.70 shows a price decline, despite a projection that EIA data will show a build. Graner discusses last year’s lows, OPEC, gasoline prices and the likelihood of oil dipping to $43.50 in May.

I know it’s a rough ride, but tell me when crude oil isn’t a rough ride?

Watch the update here.

Be sure to catch Eugene Graner on KFYR radio this afternoon in the 4 o’clock hour as he joins Dustin Gawrylow from the ND Watchdog Network and Todd Mitchell with a legislative update, including a review of the new revenue projection numbers and on what the legislature should expect from the markets as they curtail spending even more.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this report is intended for informational purposes only and is the opinion of the writer and may change at any time. This information was compiled from sources believed to be reliable to Heartland Investor Capital Management , Inc. but accuracy cannot be and is not guaranteed.

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