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California oil field
Oil field, Lost Hills, California Image: Vincent Lammin via Flickr

Will Trump’s policies affect drilling or pipelines?

The election of Donald Trump has thrilled many people across the West’s oil and gas industry who say his promises to roll back regulations will free it from unfair and unnecessary obstacles imposed by President Obama, including drilling in the Western part of the United States. As California

“If the Trump administration does nothing but stop being hostile to us, we’ll be happy,” said Kathleen Sgamma, president of Western Energy Alliance.

The LA Times interviewed Sarp Ozkan, a manager of drilling analytics for Drillinginfo.com. He said that with benchmark oil prices currently well below $60 a barrel, companies are inclined to focus on known sources such as the Permian Basin of West Texas rather than explore public lands.

But Ozkan did say Trump could make a difference. Should he approve a project like the Dakota Access pipeline, for example, that could make drilling in western North Dakota more profitable at lower prices because transporting oil by pipeline is cheaper than by rail.

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