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Energy 2016 – The Year in Review

Looking back on 2016, there have been changes, both good and bad, for the energy industry. We’ve toughed out another year of roller-coaster oil and gas prices. We’ve seen prices near $25 per barrel back in May, with a steady, gradual increase in recent weeks. We’ve seen OPEC promise to cut production and President-elect Trump promise to bring back jobs in coal country.

We’ve watched as rig counts in the Permian Basin increased exponentially, and we’ve seen attempts at fracking bans in several places across the country, with a new wave of attempts at legislation in California. Innovative practices, including better refracs and more efficient equipment, like high-power density motors, make drilling easier and cost less.

This week, Forbes spent a bit of time looking at the year in review. What things stand out in your mind from 2016?


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