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Kirkwood mall DAPL protest
Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck, was the site of a recent DAPL. 33 people were arrested on Black Friday. (Photo: Randy 394 via Wikimedia Commons, lic. 3.0)

DAPL protesters arrested at Bismarck mall over holiday weekend

More than 30 activists protesting plans to run an oil pipeline beneath a lake near a North Dakota Indian reservation were arrested on Friday at a retail mall during a rally timed to coincide with the busiest shopping day of the year.

The demonstrators, including members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, walked into the Kirkwood Mall in downtown Bismarck and formed a prayer circle just inside the entrance, defying demands by mall management that they leave the premises. Read the whole story from Reuters…

Rob Port, author of sayanythingblog.com, commented on the Dakota Access protest in Bismarck. He says:

What’s interesting is that on the same day protesters from the movement he helped create, the movement for which he serves as titular leader, were harassing shoppers and getting arrested Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault was in spotted in Scheels, a store in the Kirkwood Mall, taking advantage of some Black Friday deals.

While Archambault has the right to shop, just as any one of us, Port seems to ask, why is everyone else protesting while their leader chooses to leave, just shortly before the protest at the mall began?

Where exactly are the protests headed next?

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