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Tbilisi Georgia
A scene from Tbilisi, Georgia by Olga via Flickr.

7 people detained in Georgia in gas pipeline plot

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) — Georgia’s intelligence agency says it has detained seven people suspected of plotting an attack on a gas pipeline that carries Russian gas to Armenia.

The State Security Service said in a statement on Monday that it detained five people on Saturday who were planning to bomb a section of the pipeline south of the capital, Tbilisi. A sixth person was detained for failure to report the crime. The seventh person in custody is a police officer who is suspected of abusing his powers.

Georgia buys some of the Russian gas it transits on to Armenia.

Over the weekend, intelligence officers said they found a cache of explosives and automatic weapons in a forest south of Tbilisi.

Footage released by Georgian authorities showed the detainees escorted into the security service’s headquarters.


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