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natural gas explosion
Two explosions and a fire left no injuries in Mississippi. Photo: Pixabay.

Natural gas plant explosion causes damage, no injuries [VIDEO]

Two explosions in natural gas plant last night in Mississippi were felt as far away as ten miles, according to ABC’s Biloxi affiliate, WLOX. Two explosions and a fire caused significant damage, but no injuries were reported.

Steve Alexander of Fox10TV.com interviewed Earl Etheridge, director of the Jackson County Office of Emergency Services, who said, “Two employees were on duty at the time.  They were in an explosion proof control room.”  Alexander reported a man driving in the area could feel the heat from the fire from over 300 yards away.

The fire still burning after the initial explosion was attributed to the residue in the lines, according to the Associated Press, and an investigation to find the cause of the explosions will ensue as soon as the fire is completely out.

Amazing Thinks posted this video of the fire on YouTube. No information about the video is available.


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