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Davis Besse, Nuclear Plant, refuel
Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Ohio nuclear plant restarts after refueling shutdown

OAK HARBOR, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio nuclear plant has returned to service after a biennial shutdown for refueling and maintenance.

The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station that sits along Lake Erie in northern Ohio is owned by FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co., a subsidiary of Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp.

FirstEnergy says the plant returned to service Monday night after a shutdown that began March 26. The company said the 908-megawatt plant is expected to reach full power in the next week.

Officials say the plant’s two steam generators were inspected. Crews also replaced about a third of the reactor’s 177 fuel rod assemblies and two of the 50-ton electric motors that drive the reactor’s coolant pumps.

The company also constructed a new emergency water and power supply building designed to meet current federal and industry emergency standards

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