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The Northern Lights are vibrant above Reykjavik, Iceland. Get a glimpse at CHARGE- The world's first Energy Branding Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland September 19-20, 2016.

Never mind the buzzwords

Branding for energy companies is more essential today than ever before. Customer engagement, disruption, internet of all things, innovation and advertising. These buzzwords mean nothing for energy if they are not delivered by a well-founded branding activities.

A brand is more than a logo in the letterhead. A brand is the way the consumers define a company based on their perception. Branding are the steps taken to create a favorable perception, a philosophy that defines the entire organization. Energy companies still need to connect to a meter in the basement but they need to know how to connect to the mind of the consumer and gain a share of their heart.

Branding energy is similar but also different from other products and services. Electricity is a commodity, but so is bottled water. Electricity is intangible, yet so are telecommunications. What is different is that people still view electricity as an undifferentiated and intangible commodity. Some consumers are burned by the lack of choice provided by monopolistic, one-size-fits-all providers of the past. They still remember that long wait for lackluster service. Often they only receive a one-way communication once a month when their provider informs them how much money they owe – “you better pay or else…”  In some countries consumers still are wary of corruption from the past.

This perception of energy companies plus the lack of knowledge of the competitive electricity market have left many consumers confused. Some are not aware that they can switch providers while others fear being left without electricity for days while a new provider connects them.

Electricity companies need to unwind this perception by becoming energy brands and beginning to form two-way relationships with consumers. The first step is to take the leap into branding to understand themselves and why they should matter for their customer.

At CHARGE – Energy Branding Conference, you will learn how to connect to consumers with more than a power cable. The conference objective is to get energy executives to meet and greet and to share, learn and discover energy branding. The conference includes a lineup of world-class speakers from around the world, including Dr. Jefferson Tester from Cornell University, former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, Powershop CEO Ari Sargent, and Dr. Fridrik Larsen, conference chair and the only person in the world to have a doctorate in Energy Branding.

A secondary goal of the conference is to introduce the industry to marketing and connect industry leaders with marketing leaders in an effort to reform current thought processes in the industry and ultimately evoke changes in the way consumers think about energy and energy companies.

CHARGE – Energy Branding Conference offers a unique opportunity to combine a stay in Iceland with participation in an exclusive program with high-level attendees. Located just a short 5 hour flight from New York, Iceland is centrally located between the United States and continental Europe. Experience the beauty of Iceland’s landscape and natural wonders, including waterfalls and hot springs, while also learning about the country’s position on the cusp of emerging energy technology.

Join the conversation for two days in Reykjavik, September 19-20, 2016 to discuss these new opportunities and take part in a progressive and game-changing event for the energy space. Early bird registration ends June 2nd .


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