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High pressure gas pipes awaiting instalation. (Image: Bryan Hindle via Flickr)

Constitution pipeline ready to go, Kinder Morgan project shelved

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — While one company has shelved plans for a natural gas pipeline from New York into New England, another project following a similar route is poised to proceed.

Constitution Pipeline spokesman Christopher Stockton says Thursday that the pipeline from Pennsylvania’s shale gas fields to eastern New York is supported by firm customer commitments. Project partners include Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. and Piedmont Natural Gas.

On Wednesday, Houston-based Kinder Morgan Inc. cited low gas prices and a lack of contracts with gas distribution companies as it announced it was mothballing its Northeast Energy Direct project.

Constitution’s construction timetable has been delayed pending New York action on a water quality permit.

Both pipelines faced opposition from environmental groups and landowners along their routes. Local pipeline supporters cite construction jobs, tax revenues and access to cheap natural gas.

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