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Cruz wants to protect Americans from regulators, terrorists

Cruz wants to take on EPA, terrorists

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said last week if he is elected president that he will take on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“The alphabet soup of federal agencies have descended like locusts on small businesses, killing jobs all across this country,” said Cruz, R-Texas.

Cruz must first win the Republican nomination and faces an upward battle to displace presidential candidate Donald Trump as the current Republican front-runner.

Oklahoma’s primary election to elect candidates is set for June 28 for both Democrats and Republicans. The winners will face off in the Nov. 6 general election, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

“A few years back I was in west Texas. And I asked people there what’s the difference between regulators and locusts,” Cruz said.

He told the crowd that you can’t use pesticides on the regulators.

“And this old west Texas farmer, he leaned back and said, ‘You want to bet,'” Cruz said. “Let me tell you one thing Texas and Oklahoma both understand, which is this nation is blessed by God with incredible energy resources.”

So Cruz pledged to remove the federal government from holding back the momentum of the oil and gas industry.

Texas and Oklahoma also define gun control the same way by hitting what you aim at, Cruz continued.

“The next time a jihadist shows up at a recruiting center in Chattanooga, he’s going to encounter the firearms wielded by a dozen Marines,” Cruz said.

Cruz said a few days after the recent terrorism strike in San Bernardino, Calif., his campaign held a rally in Iowa in support of the Second Amendment. He said the reporters at the event immediately sent messages out on Twitter.

‘They were shocked,” he said. “I mean Barack Obama had told us the problem was the Second Amendment.”

Cruz said taking away guns will not prevent bad guys from getting them. Using guns against terrorists will stop them, he said.

“We will have a Commander and Chief who stands up to the world and says, ‘We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism.'”

Cruz said he will honor the commitments to every soldier, sailor, airman and marine. If elected president, Cruz said he will reform the VA so that every veteran can choose his or her doctor.

“That means protecting every serviceman and woman’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” Cruz said.

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This article was written by James Coburn from The Edmond Sun, Okla. and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.