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Light Tower Rentals launches “Safety Coin” program to enhance culture of employee safety

Odessa, Texas, Dec 8, 2015 — The latest installment in Light Tower Rental’s (LTR) pursuit of zero recordable injuries is the “Safety Coin” program beginning in 2016. Safety coins are given to star employees whom exemplify strong safety culture to bestow on other employees demonstrating similar behaviors. Whenever an employee receives one of the coins, the giver will take a moment to reiterate the visions and values of LTR, as well as the importance of safety. It is then up to the coin receiver to pass the coin on to the next person embodying important safety actions and measures. “Its purpose is to drive and reward safe behaviors at all levels of the LTR,” says Senior Safety Manager, Steve Todd.

Light Tower Rentals has gone seven months with zero injuries companywide. Eight of the branches have gone a year without an injury. For the Quitman branch, it’s been five years with both the Athens and Canadian branches close behind. “During 2015, the Safety Managers made sure facilities were safe through facility inspections and any issues found were immediately corrected. Safety managers and coordinators also made sure that employees get the proper training prior to performing assigned job duties,” says Todd.

These results are due to Light Tower Rental’s commitment to creating a culture of safety. Safety is maintained through extensive trainings, protocols and programs, which include their standard operating procedures (SOPs), Field Tech Orientation, an Observation program and facility inspections. According to Todd, “The things that impacted numbers the most over the past couple of years are the SOPs we put in place to train employees as well as our Field Tech Orientation we put each new field tech through.” LTR’s efforts have been showing measureable results.

Light Tower Rentals short and long term goals are to continue to improve and maintain a high level of safety culture, which features first on their list of stated values. Others include integrity, customer service, teamwork and accountability.

About Light Tower Rentals: LTR is a high growth, diversified specialty equipment rental and services company focused on the oil and gas sector. Headquartered in Odessa, Texas, LTR operates branches in the U.S. including locations throughout Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Pennsylvania, serving its clients’ operations across most of the active oil and gas basins in 14 states. LTR offers value to our customers in the form of safe and experienced people, a young rental fleet, pro-active maintenance program and 24/7 service.

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