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U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (Image: Housing Assistance Council via Flickr)

ND Democrat Heitkamp backs Obama on Iran nuclear deal

BISMARCK, N.D. — Democratic U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp announced her support Thursday for President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, a politically risky move in a Republican-dominated state where she is weighing a run for governor.

The deal now has the backing of 37 senators after Heitkamp and two Democratic colleagues joined the list on Thursday. Their support came one day after Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski provided the pivotal 34th vote to guarantee the measure would withstand an effort by Republicans to overturn it.

“I support the agreement because it is the best chance we have to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and keep America safe,” the North Dakota Democrat said in a statement. “My decision is about seeking diplomacy rather than conflict.”

Republicans unanimously oppose the deal that aims to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions.

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Heitkamp was seen as a potential candidate for governor even before Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple announced last month that he wouldn’t seek a second full term. Dalrymple’s announcement fanned speculation, and Heitkamp has said she plans a decision soon.

Heitkamp is the only Democrat in North Dakota’s federal delegation. Besides Dalrymple, the state also includes a GOP supermajority in the Legislature. Only three Democratic presidential candidates have carried North Dakota since statehood, most recently Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Heitkamp, who is recovering from hip replacement surgery, would be making a second run at governor. She lost a bid in 2000 to former GOP Gov. John Hoeven, who now is in the U.S. Senate.

She has sought to make her political independence part of her identity, emphasizing it during her Senate campaign in 2012 and pushing back against claims that she would be an Obama loyalist. She has been harshly critical of the president’s energy policy, is pro-oil and supports gun rights. Many North Dakotans have viewed her as more of an independent than a Democrat.

This article was written by James Macpherson from The Associated Press and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.


  1. Well that’s the first of many idiots

  2. The blood will be on her hands

  3. She won’t last long. God, what a moron.

  4. You know where her loyalty is and it’s not to ND.

  5. Allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons to supply to terrorist is plain stupid. She is saying she trust the muslim terrorist. This either crazy or stupid.

    • Where in the agreement does it say Iran can have nuclear weapons? The page number will do. Thanks.

    • And how is not getting a deal going to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon ? Or do you even have an answer to that ?

    • Tim’s ignorance is intentional and he plays the fool so he can apologise for Obama

    • Duh, the agreement allows them to sample themselves and gives them 24 day notice of inspections. They have always cheated before. How stupid can you be? No page number needed, your stupidity is obvious.

    • Lindsay Richards You obviously know NOTHING about the deal other than what you’ve heard from your lying heros on fox news ! And I noticed the way you or Thad neither one answered Tims question nor did you answer my question. Typical far right nut job republican responses. Call names and have no clue what they’re talking about. If you don’t have an alternative to a deal other than a war right away please just keep your mouth shut, it makes you appear as ignorant as you must be.

    • I know that 64% of the American people agree with me. The best answer is easy. It is called “bunker buster”. How can you complain about others calling names when that is all you do?

    • So your answer is to bomb another middle eastern country. How’s that been working for us? Also what bunkers? Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons. This agreement puts in safeguards to prevent that. Let’s give diplomacy a chance here. The cowboy attitude of Bush/Cheney only brought more chaos to the region and killed and maimed thousands.

    • Lindsay Richards I may call names when the point doesn’t get across or when it’s appropriate to call names BUT, atleast I back up my comments and post with FACTS rather thanopinions and if it’s an opinion i state that it is. I also answer questions when ask with data or evidence of where I get my information. And I seriously DOUBT that 64% agree with you and if they do , where did you come up with that number and did you personally poll all of America ?? So,the answer is a bunker buster then ? I am former military and if you think an attack by us won’t be met with a response you’re living in a fantasy world. Your aanswer then is go to war right now without trying diplomacy or a deal first to get others on board ? Fine, let’s go then and you and your kids and grandkids can be the first to go enlist and be shipped over there.

    • Do you really think it (diplomacy) will work in iran? We are also giving them billions of dollars with this deal. Do you suppose they are gonna build schools with that money? We should do a deal on our terms not theirs!

    • Bunker busters are used to destroy their underground nuclear production sites. They are dropped from stealth bombers. The 64% can be easily checked online. You missed it by only looking at libtard sites. I didn’t complain about you name calling until you complained about others. We have been trying diplomacy for years without success. It got us 19,000 centrifuges. We tried diplomacy with North Korea. How did that work out. Do you really trust Iran and do you really think giving them 24 day notice is going to solve anything?

    • Just because something didn’t work in North Korea doesn’t mean we should stop using diplomacy and start bombing everyone we don’t like. As for North Korea they can barely feed their people and are a sad international joke. By the way no American soldier has died in combat in the Koreans since the Armistice was agreed to in the early 1950’s. That by the way was agreed to through diplomacy .

    • Start bombing them. We have been negotiating with Iran for 10 frigging years. In that time period, their nuclear program has got them just month away from having bombs. They would already have them if not for Israelis messing up their centrifuges with their computer virus. They have at least 5 underground factories making nuclear bomb materials and bobs. They also have ICBM factories making them that can hit the West coast of the US. WIth existing equipment, we could take that out or make it inoperative in an hour. They have no fear of our weak president an negotiating through weakness get nowhere, Our friends (so to speak) in the middle East dislike the Persians and want them taken out. Repercussions would be a lot of hot air and BS. Not war. Friendly arabs would love it,. Now they are all going to go nuclear themselves via Pakistan.

    • Tim the present system of sanctions is diplomacy– no bombs are falling
      You are so ignorant- you mention Halliburton -it was not Halliburton but KBR a Halliburton company. And again in your ignorance fail to know that 8 yrs ago Halliburton dumped KBR at a loss with outsranding contracts in billions because of corruption and mismangement— KBR still recieves fed contracts but you will have to talk to your buddy Obama about that

  6. So tell us about the secret side deals– options to buy in Iranian oil ?

  7. She must really drink a lot of that lib koolaide !!!

  8. Anyone that supports Iran in anything is Anti-American! So sad.

  9. You just passed it to your kids. Spineless!!

  10. just plain a dumber women than i thought

  11. Your vote or support whatever you want to call it was bought by promises from Obamaass. If you want to follow his muslim ass anywhere go to Iran and kiss theirs while they lie to your stupid face.

  12. Woah, let’s not be to hasty. I say we all chip in for a first class ticket to fly a few of these deplomacy seekers over there to let them work this out with the Iranians. I mean then seem so diplomatic let’s see how it plays out.

  13. Send her to Iran and see how long she lives before she is stoned to death

  14. She wants to come back and run for Governor ? ND will fight this POS to the end.

  15. Knew it was just a matter of time and she’d show her true colors. Her goose is cooked as far as I’m concerned.

  16. By giving that statement she’s saying she’s a coward..

  17. It’s amazing that most of the country sees what’s happening and is against it yet all these politicians are being bought even trump was against it now he saying he would make some changes but supports it lol just shows anyone can be bought

  18. Call her up and raise hell! Traitors make moves like that. Another Kerry.

  19. Let’s nuke Iran and the entire Middle East. Sure it’s inhuman, and unjustified but we could use another war that costs thousands of American lives, a half a million soldiers with PTSD. And a million civilians we seem to kill over nothing. We are the are the biggest pile of poo nation on this planet. And most of the people on this thread are the reason for it. How about trying to get a refinery for light sweet crude in ND. So ND can compete in the world market. Texas doesn’t seem to have any problems. Blame corporate America and your buddy’s the Koch brothers that invested in Canada and other countries oil rather than ours. It still baffles me how ND oil workers support Keystone XL when all that will do is doom ND. I find it very suspicious that every time republicans retain both the house and the senate oil tanks. ??? I can tell you why, they are all idiots and are invested in companies like Exxon that have world market influence in places such as Iran. You are all morons and know nothing about how oil works or what makes the price go up or down if you are dumb enough to think a democrat is willing to make a side deal to import oil. Almost all refineries are set up for WTI or Brent. If you want to get pissed off, get upset with fact we have a hard time refining light sweet crude from ND and instead of working on s pipeline from the Bakken all you republicans want to do is support St to lose your jobs. Idiots.

  20. Wow. I never thought Heitkamp would go this way. I spent years in Iraq on the receiving end of Iranian rockets and mortars that were supplied to insurgents.

  21. Obviously a nut job, who could support a terrorist

  22. Real nice!! She’s supposed to be a ND voice yet she made this decision with no town hall mtgs to actually hear what ND wants.

  23. This from an elected official ; a person who has no idea what it means to fight against real evil… This is a horrible deal. We will give a confirmed terrorist government 150 billion dollars of our money to not develop a nuke but then not really stop or delay their ability beyond what the Iranians will tell us.

    • Jason the money is Iran’s it is their frozen accounts that would be released– yes it is their to fund on terrorism and nukes

    • Thad, thanks on the correction on the money but it is very hard to find out the truth of the deal when it was hidden from view. Best information I have gotten has come from overseas news outlets as they are more prone to tell the truth than ours.

  24. Sorry big oil. Obama and Heitkamp want to give diplomacy a chance first. No more American soldiers dying for big oil and Halliburton. Not this time.

    • Obama’s diplomacy is with a white flag —

    • How so. Give me some details. How is using diplomacy instead of sending American troops to die in the Middle East going to solve problems. Remember the last time we did this. How did that turn out.

    • Why are you fear mongering war as if it would be inevitable? North Korea can’t possibly be allowed to have nuclear capabilities but they do, the world hasn’t ended.

      Why even make a deal with a country that you suspect has a good chance to sell a nuclear bomb to terrorists? What do you think they are going to do with 150 billion dollars?

      Build schools? Yeah for dirty bomb making classes.

      You bent over and grabbed your ankles and let Iran have at it and as their leaders said it was “more than they could have hoped for” and “death to America”

    • I like when I hear people talk about diplomacy as though every situation, if negotiated correctly, can prevent war. It makes the false assumption that everyone is rational. There is nothing rational about Iran and there never will be. Obama is just putting the lid on our coffin and pounding the nails one by one…..moronic idiots.

    • Heitkamp looks like she belongs in the kitchen making cupcakes and driving a minivan to her kids ballgames.

    • If you are still supporting Heidi Ho and and BHO, you are too stupid to reason with. I have been over there and fought. Next time, when they are using nukes you can go.

    • It’s called TREASON!!!!!
      NO gray area there

    • How much oil did we take or get out of that war? Not a drop

    • Tim Reiten It worked out well util Obama took every one out and ISIS started up.

    • Just followed the agreement Bush signed before Obama came to office.

    • Yes. Stupidity offends me.

    • Tim Reiten Bush was going to leave 23,000 soldiers there and Obama took that down to zero to meet a campaign promise to his liberal base and ISIS was allowed to spring up. You have no understanding of Iraq. You seem to just read the headlines of the liberal blogs.

    • Tim, you voted for Obama and yet claim stupidity offends you. If that’s not equivalent to the sound of one hand clapping, I don’t know what is.

    • The agreement was for total combat troop withdrawal. Where do you come up with Bush wanting to keep 23-thousand troops. Please site sources.

    • Tim, why don’t you site your sources.

      Then wake up and realize that battles strategies don’t fit into a nice, neat little boxes. As things change so do plans. Only Obama continually told the enemy exactly what our plans were and that it really didn’t matter what was happening on the ground, the USA was leaving in “x” amount of months. What a complete embracement, of a Commander in Chief.

    • Tim the present system of sanctions is diplomacy– no bombs are falling
      You are so ignorant- you mention Halliburton -it was not Halliburton but KBR a Halliburton company. And again in your ignorance fail to know that 8 yrs ago Halliburton dumped KBR at a loss with outsranding contracts in billions because of corruption and mismangement— KBR still recieves fed contracts but you will have to talk to your buddy Obama about that

    • Tim, your link depicts exactly what I previously stated. In the link Petraeus repeats my point. There was a date but it was based on conditions at the time, additional UN troops, etc.

  25. Democrats that support the Iran deal, you are fully aware the DNC did not ratify it. They had strong concerns against it. This isn’t a diplomacy issue. It’s the fact that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.

    A deal should be made, but not on their terms.
    We gain nothing from the deal other than a piece of paper. We hold all the cards and shouldn’t give in to petty demands they make.

  26. Yep, she just assured herself to be out of a job.

  27. So this traitor votes to give 150 billion dollars back to a country that has been proven to fund terrorists and are still funding them. These terrorists then go about their genocide and jihad and plans for mass killings in the civilized world.

    But it slows their nuclear advancement in facilities that we already know about…

    Makes sense for a mental illness that most democrats seem to have.

  28. Remember, Democrats own this!

  29. Wow the stupid is strong in this one!

  30. Of course she would!!!! People should know her by now!

  31. Can’t believe she would go for a deal that would allow Iran to export their oil. While they won’t allow us to export our oil. Way to go boosting another countries economy, while watching yours go down the drain.

  32. “Seeking diplomacy” with Iran? HA! That’s a good one! Send her and the other idiots over there and see how that works out for them!

  33. All you morons nit knowing we have been funding pakistan, iraq, Kuwait, whatever…for 30 years.

  34. You can’t make a nuclear deal with Iran, period. They can’t be trusted. It’s really that simple.

  35. A big shout out to all you people who voted for this fat pig!

  36. Should ship her sorry bum to Iran.

  37. Your decision is about aligning with Obama against ND’s wishes again! Enjoy your one and only term.

  38. Trying to understand this deal. Wasn’t it negotiated with our allies in Europe? They have all oked the deal. So are we willing to go to war by ourselves? The last wars in Iran and Afghanistan cost our taxpayers 4-5 trillion dollars and that was with the rest of the world’s support. (That’s not including the cost of the reabilitation of our veterans with post war problems) So what is the cost of going it alone.
    Most mideast countries, that we had normalized relationships with support terrorism. Just trying to understand what is the answer is without going to war costing us tax payers trillions of dollars.

  39. Your children,grandchildren and Israel all are endangered by yours and other approvers of this Iran deal.

  40. I was very disappointed when I saw her decision. How in the world can she vote to support a deal with a terrorist nation who hates our country. Please voters of North Dakota do not forget this when she is up for re-election.

  41. That’s like giving the school bully your lunch money so he doesn’t punch you in the nose. Great way to buy peace dummy

  42. We have sanctions against North Korea and they’re still building nuclear bombs and we don’t know how many and no one is worried about them because they are not on the news every day, no I think we should give this deal a chance because the young people in Iran today will be the leaders of tomorrow. The 150 billion isn’t a whole lot of money just ask US defense department that will buy us about 200 F-35’s that may or may not work when needed. To put this in to perspective, you are a 100 times more likely to be killed by another American with a gun than by a Iranian nuclear bomb.

    • The deal with north korea was made with people who have no intention s of abiding by the deal….. learn from it because Iran has no Intention of following

    • Well I guess we didn’t learn anything from invading Iraq, which was Iran #1 enemy, we played our hand in the middle east to Iran benefit. We can know longer fight unending wars that cost trillions of dollars. The sanctions are only working now because China and Russia are helping make the sanctions work, but they won’t if we break this deal. No deal means war because Israel will not allow Iran to produce plutonium at the rate they are producing now.

  43. There is no diplomatic solution when it comes to Iran…they want to KILL EVERYONE THAT IS NOT THEM!

  44. The present system of sanctions on Iran is diplomacy–

  45. Cuz diplomacy always works.. Ugh

  46. Sanctions IS diplomacy. Capitulation is not.

  47. This is not about oil but two peoples EGO,one wants it in his library the other has not succeeded in any thing else since his cause was thumbs down in Vietnam war.

  48. So we are to go against the other world powers of the world? Is everyone writing letters to these world powers, telling them they are stupid, bringing treason to their table? This isn’t just about the US. Name calling shows ignorance. Smh

  49. so sad that she votes to give money back to the terrorist…..many whom have killed our brave American soldiers. But then, she also has come out in support of Planned Parenthood, the same one that aborts fetuses but sells baby body parts. Like I say, so sad.

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