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ND oil well blowout spews more than 23,000 gallons of crude

BISMARCK, N.D. — The state Health Department says a well blowout spewed more than 23,000 gallons of oil and 4,600 gallons of briny wastewater in Dunn County.

Environmental scientist Bill Suess says the blowout occurred Saturday morning at a well owned by XTO Energy Inc., about 18 miles southeast of Watford City. Suess says the company reported the spill to health officials on Sunday.

Suess says no one was injured and a state inspector is on site. He says no waterways or drinking water was affected.

Officials say most of the oil and brine had been recovered by Monday.

Suess says the impacted area appears to be about 15 acres, or an area the size of 15 football fields. He says the state is working with the company on a remediation plan.

In related news, Oil and saltwater release contained in Williams County.

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  1. Another day, another disaster in North Dakota

  2. On a good note oil almost to $50 a barrel

  3. Call Bluetick Inc for the best remote monitoring with RSD capability to prevent such large catastrophe spills.

  4. And this is why people dont like the oil industry and fracking.

  5. Yep, 548 BO…only media uses gallons

  6. They will get it back to normal in no time.

  7. Big deal windmills polute far more,probably their first spill

  8. But for real there’s so much crap that happen I seen being a roustabout for 4 years now going on 5 this is nuttin! How about that tripad on 17 loop hahahah Frick when that went boom omgnit was nuts

  9. That’s not much at all.

  10. If you were to mist a field with bakken crude it would produce the best crops in its life

  11. Why is there so much trouble with Bakken in the USA, just. North of the boarder I haven’t herd of a blow out in the Bakken

  12. 550 bbls less than one tank car–over 15 acres –

  13. 23,000 gallons and you guys say its not that much……you guys are the problem with the entire industry.

  14. They do their best to avoid mistakes.but they still do happen.

  15. Hope the jackwagon responsible for the mess gets fired. I would

  16. 15 acres is like 1 football field

  17. If the EPA did it it would be no problem

  18. It will be completely cleaned up…EPA will make sure of it. Reality is, without oil we wouldn’t have a lot of things. Alternative sources when you can but we will always use coal and oil. I prefer my car over a horse and love my natural gas furnace heat.

  19. Plow it under…what’s more organic than oil…it came out of the earth…

  20. The non industry & non informed comments crack me up! No Clue!

  21. Also, so the Non Industry & Non Informed know. 18 miles southeast of Watford City looks like this. Not the suburbs or your back yard. A poorly cooked cheeseburger at McDonalds would be more dangerous! Lol

  22. Spread some ag lime on it, and carry on…it will turn raw crude into nutrients for the soil in less than a week!!!

  23. Still waiting for the EPA to pay their fine for the mine spill in Colorado!

  24. IT will get cleaned up 100% and create more jobs for a short period of time in the process the production company will pay for it so all you protesters might as well get back in your petroleum burning vehicles and go somewhere else to protest petroleum

  25. Bunch of poo. Lazy workers not following threw on crap I bet. Gonna wreck the place and leave mess for residents to deal with.

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