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Philly Mayor takes part in climate action plans

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter joined two other mayors to urge cities across the U.S. to take part in implementing climate action plans.

On Tuesday, Nutter joined Houston and Los Angeles mayors to speak out to other U.S. cities about setting carbon emission targets, developing climate action plans and setting protocols for carbon offsets in municipalities, reports State Impact Pennsylvania.  Together, the mayors advocated President Obama’s climate change plans, including the Clean Power Plan, which is intended to cut carbon emissions from power plants.  The three also spoke highly of measures that have been developed to cut methane leaks from natural gas infrastructure.  However, the mayors did explain that cities that are responsible for creating 70 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emission need and can do more:

These actions are big steps forward but we need Congress to step up and support binding U.S. greenhouse gas reduction targets.

As reported by State Impact Pennsylvania, “The three Democratic mayors, who co-founded the 28-city Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, are pressing for global policies to curb climate change in the face of what they called gridlock in the Republican-controlled Congress, but they denied that their initiative was inspired by politics.”  The three made the following joint-statement:

Climate change isn’t a political issue – it’s a reality for cities, many of which are right now enduring drought, extreme weather, and wildfires as a result.

The mayors are not the only ones pushing for climate change being addressed.  Pennsylvania’s Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey is also urging cities to take action.  Jacklin Rhoads, the senator’s spokesperson, made the following statement regarding Casey’s stand on climate change:

Senator Casey continues to make a case for a more a comprehensive approach to addressing climate change on a national level,” Rhoads said. “The strides the city mayors made today with the launch of their campaign to enact change is commendable but further action still needs to be made.

For the city of Philadelphia, authorities are already “pursuing climate mitigation through Greenworks, a wide-ranging sustainability program that has worked with climate scientists to formulate projections for the region.”  The program is now on its seventh year of operation.

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