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Votes are in, Penn. Voters support Clean Power Plan

After a recent opinion poll was conducted, the majority of Pennsylvania voters fully support Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

The Quinnipiac University of Connecticut recently conducted an opinion poll in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  On the poll, voters were asked about Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Iran’s nuclear pact, immigration, war with ISIS and Planned Parenthood.  During the survey, which went on from August 7th through August 18th, 1,085 people were polled in Pennsylvania, 1,093 in Florida and 1,096 people in Ohio.

Focusing on the poll conducted in Pennsylvania, of the 1,085 people surveyed, 67 percent support Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which requires coal-fired power plants to cut carbon emissions.  Twenty-eight percent of the voters do not support the plan.    The Republican Party opposed the Clean Power Plan 51 percent to 45 percent.  However, every other political party, gender or age group supports it.  According to the university’s press release, “Voters say 72 percent to 24 percent these efforts are needed to clean the air, but they are divided 44 percent to 44 percent on whether these efforts will be too expensive.”

The Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll Tim Malloy made the following statement regarding the poll’s outcome in Pennsylvania:

The coal industry has put food on the table for many generations in Pennsylvania, but nostalgia only goes so far. Voters want cleaner air and they want the feds to police the pollution.

To read the poll’s entire findings, click here.

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