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6 Reasons the kitchen is the best room in the house

The kitchen is the hub of the home for many households. Between a kitchen’s many functions as a source of nutrition, a gathering point, workshop and quencher of midnight munchies, it’s easy to see why we can’t stay out of the kitchen (perhaps to the frustration of the cooks in our homes).

With all of the delicious meals cooked, school projects tackled, and memories forged in the scullery, the kitchen is, by far, the best room in the house. Here’s why:

Getty Images via NewsCred.

Getty Images via NewsCred.


This part probably doesn’t need much of an explanation, but we all love food. If by some biological anomaly you’re not exactly fond of food, you can at least agree that you need it to survive and do whatever else it is you like to do besides scarf down microwaved lasagna at 11 p.m.

Getty Images via NewsCred.

Getty Images via NewsCred.

Kitchens are places to enjoy nostalgia

Smell is the strongest scent tied to memory– maybe that’s why when we smell fresh-baked cookies, we’re surrounded by warm, comforting memories of helping our parents bake (i.e. licking the spoon and sneaking fistfuls of cookie dough).

Whatever station in life we’re at, there will always be something soothing about recreating the tastes and smells perfected and passed down by our families for us to enjoy for generations to come.

Even if you can’t bake the perfect apple crumble or fry an egg without breaking the yolk like the more seasoned members of your family, a kitchen with good lighting, enough room and reliable appliances should offer you the perfect space to hone your skills.

Getty Images via NewsCred

Getty Images via NewsCred

Cooking with another person is a bonding experience

Have you ever cooked with a significant other? Whether the result is a culinary masterpiece or a miserable failure, the process is a bonding experience. It offers you a glimpse into another person’s thought processes, quirks and organizational patterns.

For example, you might find out your friend or partner is especially tidy and meticulous about cleanliness. Or maybe they have a severe food allergy, who knows? Cooking with them is a good way to find out.

Just be sure to avoid any mishaps with broken appliances or setting off the smoke detector.

Getty Images via NewsCred.

Getty Images via NewsCred.

The kitchen is a workspace

The kitchen table isn’t just for eating–think of how many algebra equations you knocked out on that bad boy.

For school-aged children and teenagers, the kitchen table is usually a prime spot to finish homework or create a first-rate science project for several reasons: there’s plenty of space to spread out papers and supplies, there are always snacks nearby and there’s probably a parent close by in case they get stumped.

For this reason, students and parents alike can benefit from a calm, organized ambiance—even in a room as messy as the kitchen can be.

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It’s where your moment of Zen happens

Everyone’s morning routine is different; some like a full lumberjack breakfast, some simply shower and are out the door. But it’s hard to beat the moment of silence to enjoy your coffee before the rest of the house wakes up.

If you’re lucky, you can probably sneak in some crosswords or catch up with the newspaper before the day’s responsibilities land on you.

What could be the only moment to yourself that day can easily be ruined by a stack of dirty dishes in the sink, so make sure to herd them all into the dishwasher the night before and don’t forget to set the timer on your coffee maker.

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Kitchens serve as a gathering point

Family dinners are touted as the fibers that hold a family together, allowing for a relaxed setting to unwind and keep up with one another’s lives. But this unique spirit of intimacy offered only by the place where we break bread isn’t exclusive to our kin.

Have you ever hosted or attended a party where everyone inexplicably gravitates towards the kitchen? It certainly makes sense; it’s the source of the food and wine and, if you’re a particularly polite guest, gives you a chance to help the host clean up.

Even if they’re supposed to stay in the living room, let’s face it—they’re going to meander into the kitchen. Since our family and friends spend so much time with us in our kitchens, it’s ideal to have one that’s both beautiful and practical.


Photo courtesy of UMH Properties

Photo courtesy of UMH Properties

Enjoy your space to its fullest

Since the kitchen obviously plays such an important role in our lives, it’s important to experience these moments in a space that fits your needs and lifestyle. UMH Properties offers a variety of homes outfitted with beautiful, brand-new kitchens that are sure to suit your budget and your needs.

Visit UMH Properties online to learn more about their communities and browse photos of the homes they have to offer for purchase or for rent.

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