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Donald Trump addresses a ceremony announcing a new hotel and condominium complex in Vancouver, British Columbia June 19, 2013. REUTERS/Andy Clark

Trump on ISIS: “I would bomb the hell out of those oil fields”

ISIS better pray that Donald Trump isn’t as serious of a candidate as the role he puts on. In a recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, The Donald made one thing clear— he’d “bomb the hell out of them.”

“Nobody would be tougher on ISIS,” Trump stated. “The situation with ISIS has to be dealt with firmly and strongly. When you have people being beheaded, I would love not to be over there. That’s not our fight–that’s other people’s fights. That’s revolutions or whatever you want to call it.”

When posed with the question of how specifically Trump would take on the international terrorist organization, the experienced businessman came back with a violent yet economically sensible response.

“I would take away their wealth. I would take away the oil,” Trump said.

Trump elaborated that he would attack the oil sites that ISIS is now operating. ISIS is known to be luring heavy funding from the confiscated oil assets in Iraq.

“I would bomb the hell out of those oil fields. I wouldn’t send many troops because you wouldn’t need them by the time I got finished.” Trump added that after destroying millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure, he’d then “get Exxon [and other] great oil companies to go in. They’d rebuild them so fast your head will spin.”

Donald tipped his hat to the big heads of oil and gas. “You ever see how fast they put up rigs? These guys are unbelievable.”

So, the foreign policy of Trumpster? Invade, bomb and let western-friendly corporate imperialism rebuild the nation. I have to say, that’s definitely not the blunt response you’d hear from other presidential candidates. But Donald Trump isn’t the typical pushover candidate.

Hate him or love him, The Donald is full of golden sound bites leaving media outlets a trail of golden tickets up to the Republican primary. And in all honesty, he actually speaks some truth from time-to time on real issues most agree are complications in this country.

When questioned about his previous donation habits during last week’s debate, Trump didn’t dance around the question. In fact, it seemed like he actually disapproved of the controversial Citizens United template for modern elections where candidates raise insane amounts of revenue though corporate donations and political action committees (PACs).

“I will tell you that our system is broken,” Trump said at the debate in response to an attack from Rand Paul. “I gave to many people before this. Before two months ago I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what, when I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them. They are there for me. That’s a broken system.”

So far, I can’t tell if Donald is the buffoon Democrats love in a Republican debate or some secret political genius. Most likely it’s not the latter, since extremism of any kind doesn’t win elections, and to some extent, Trump has to know that. More than anything, his actions align with the old philosophy: any publicity is good publicity when you’re a public icon.

Watch the video of Donald Trump speaking to Anderson Cooper here.


  1. Yeah that’ll work like a charm… Idiot.

    • Wouldn’t it though… Idiot?

    • It will do two things. Stop the funding of Isis. And boost the U.S. Economy 100 fold. Idiot

    • Tyler thinks we should tell Isis sorry

    • That’s why I like taking the oil then they pay for the arms and vehicles Obama gave them

    • The only solution is to escalate this till they fully show themselves. The U.S. Military does well with defined targets. But Hussein Obama is one of them and won’t define the enemy

    • Dumbest comment I’ve read all day. Nuke em, turn it into glass! Go tap into that oil once the radiation levels are safe. That sandbox needs a good redo button. Idiot.

    • Violence isn’t the answer. We’re stooping below their level if we just nuke them. We need to just stop intervening in their affairs. The US has absolutely no business being in any other country. That’s why the entire world hates the US.

    • He never once mentioned nukes you donkey..

    • There is no other way to combat ISIS than a firm hand. Obama is nothing more than a narcissistic, flaccid appendage. He doesn’t know HOW to be a man and he hates America (Cloward-Piven and Critical Race Theory). Oh, did I hurt some feelings? Suck it up Buttercup.When ISIS knocks on your door, you will want a president that has testicular fortitude to crush them.

    • War mongers commenting like they really know the solution. “Hey, if we bomb them and kill the entire region, that will solve everything.”

      Do you people ever think about the effects of “nuking” places?

      We only have one planet to live on and the government hasn’t built any bunkers to include us common people.

    • I have a lot more fear of my own government than I do some terrorist group across the world. Look at how hyped up they got everyone about al-Qaeda. Not a single time in my life did I feel threatened by al-Qaeda. Still don’t. I’ve had scarier interactions with the police in my own country. People are just giving into the media’s fear propaganda so the government can justify sending our troops over there to mess things up.

    • Isis make $3 million a day on selling oil looking back at Afghanistan where Taliban still is an issue and Iraq we spent 4 trillion dollars and count less lives and still haven’t fix anything only made thing worse so dose it make sense to throw more money and troops at this. People should read into both side of this problem you might be surprised

    • Bomb people because you lost your job? Smh you guys ARE idiots.

    • James, I am sure if you walked up with an olive branch, ISIS would greet you with open arms. You are a ratard. Come back when you can have a conversation with the adults. Roman, that is nonsense. You are talking about a terrorist region that has been acting that way for THOUSANDS of years.

    • It really would… idiot.

    • Well Bernie Sanders is gonna be president so I could care less what Trump says at this point. Trump is just comedy for me lol

  2. Sounds like ww3 with this clown in office!!!

  3. I’m in !! Only idiots are the pansy asses that only want to sit back and talk about things rather than go at it with full force !

  4. And creat a Saddam forest of burning wells—not good.
    It would be simpler and easier to target tansportation — a squadron of A-10 some forward air controlers for targeting– and flir for night work.
    It could be done with drones–
    What is really lacking is the will to do it –

  5. Oh yes and the story repeats , o guess you’ll be richer then. Oh well you make sure you’re standing in the middle of the oil Fields.

  6. Why doesn’t he just fire them all? It seems like he thinks he can do that as well. You’re All Fired! Lol

  7. While the American people better pray he is!

  8. Their oil production quits, and we all go back to work!

  9. Justin, the hero this world needs

  10. Doing poo the American way. Just kill the competition literally. You blow them up and we will come in and frac it.

  11. America knows how to drill baby drill, let’s take away their money, let’s take back what “W” went over to get, “Black Gold”

  12. Ya we don’t need him for president. I like that idea. But he is not the one. Cruz or Carlson

  13. Amen! ! Trump for president! !

  14. If we go by this last debate trump he definitely would not coward down he says it like it is equip him with a staff as bold as his talk game might be into business

  15. He would probably get more accomplished with our military than we have had for the past 8 years which is sad to say

  16. Do you realize that this would be the end of the world!!! There are so many more than ISIS.

  17. True but he is not the right one to put in office.

  18. And that would triple their ranks. M.E. oil is already a dinosaur. OPEC helped that happen. Let that area of the world spiral right out on their own! How about lifting the export ban, and increase our LNG export capacity? Seems to make more sense to me!

  19. Trump doesn’t have a plan for ISIS. When asked about it, he said it was so good and so effective that he wouldn’t want Obama to steal it, so he wouldn’t divulge any details. He’s sooo full of poo.

  20. Kill all the radical bastards

  21. Him em where it counts Trump!

  22. Trump is crazy! In a good way! He says what a lot of Americans say at the kitchen table! That’s why he connects with a lot of fed up American people!

  23. Honestly….there is always going to be a market. It’s not going to hurt them that much. Iran had an embargo imposed internationally for a very long time and it didn’t stop them from making deals.

  24. This is why he won’t make it. Talks way to big of game. He knows dam well he can’t just do that. Trump is a chump.

  25. All you silly billies praising this piece of poo would be on the list to go fix this idiots mess up at war and if it’s not you on the list is your kids!

  26. You know if we bomb mecca we will have not only the middle east to worry about but every muslim in the world? How would you feel if they nuked Jerusalem?

  27. Iran will sooo what’s your point?

  28. Never happen. Don’t get your hopes up. Trump is for himself. Always has been

  29. Is it possible he is really in this race for himself…to better his own businesses? He is a businessman and he knows the system. Just asking.

  30. I say we bomb them twice! You don’t just put off one bug bomb in a house, you use several to make sure you get them all!!!!!

  31. This guy is on point! Trump has our vote!

  32. Get er done, if we don’t get somebody with some balls america is screwed.

  33. Smartest thing he’s said yet

  34. There won’t be any war were not bombing a country but the people who took over that’s Isis there weak.. And he personally gets no money out of it our country does but good try with your educated response. Issis owns those oil fields that’s how there funding what they do.

  35. They are already bombing them already

  36. I rather have a bully for a president than a pansy who is in it to make his party happy

  37. We have enough reserve in the United states.. Create more great paying jobs for Americans! I wouldn’t bomb Saudi . .that’s just another war! But I’d pull out an stop buying! Make America Great again.

  38. You know you hate someone with a passion when an idea to eliminate a known terrorist organization comes from him, and instead of talking about it, you just straight refuse it. Guess we should never mess with how ISIS gets money, it makes other people rich. Maybe we shouldn’t mess with ISIS at all. People get rich off war. Let them do their own thing. What’s the worst that can happen?

  39. If he owns stock in “everything” would any move he makes appear to be him just trying to stuff his pockets more? Even a good thing could get him richer if if that’s the mindset you have and that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, would it?

  40. Being a racist, sexist war monger does not mean he has balls. It means he’s a jerk

  41. Saddam offered the U.S. 10 dollar/bbl oil forever if they did not invade, for those of you who think we went to war for oil. That’s the largest fallacy ever perpetrated by the left.

  42. That’s what we did ! Now everyone want to go back into the void to destabilize it again boom!!! 4 years later, $5 trillion later and void left by the war is reafilled and the rich get richer and we are all asking the same questions again.

  43. Bombing sovereign nations is arms rights ? Bombing others to make your product more valuable is self sufficiency ? I must not understand the meaning of those words….

  44. It’s about time we have somebody running for president who won’t take poo off of anyone. Get rid of their oil and terrorists.

  45. Uhhhhh ohhhhh manny must be a liberal

  46. Left or right it doesn’t matter and it’s silly to place a tag on this. Brenton for your information it isn’t a leftist hypothesis that W went to war for oil, actually Alan Greenspan stated it in a book he wrote. There was much more money to be made by Halliburton for starters, hell why do you think they moved their company over there. Anyhow, ISIS gets some of its money from captured oil fields in both Iraq and Syria. ISIS is trying to act as a state and not a terrorist group. If we bomb the oil fields it will cause much more damage to those countries than just oil and rebuilding would take years crippling the people. Look at Kuwait as an example and they were friendly. The point of ISIS acting as a state is the revenue the hold and could expect to obtain is not close enough for them to sustain their campaign. They have all the oil they can capture because taking from the Kurds or the Shiites would not be a pushover. Acting as a state gives them the revenue of say the Congo which by definition is rather poor. So sustainable activity as they currently exist it’s unlikely especially since others in the region are getting tired of their poo. Iran is actually fighting ISIS with us which is a good thing. If they turn their activities to a pure terror campaign their grip on oil would not last very long. Bombing is not a good idea and actually that isn’t The Donald’s idea as it was suggested by Dick Morris well over a year ago. ISIS had actually had money issues for a while now.

  47. Hahahahah a liberal that works in the oil field:D I just don’t like trump man he’s an idiot

  48. Does anybody know if Any other countries hate Canada? If trump gets elected I’m going to move there before WW3 goes off! ✌️

  49. Let’s just sit around and wait for them to chop other innocent men, women and children’s heads off and keep the terror alive while they build their group. And bide their time for a huge strike on American soil

  50. Back into the void and destabilize it again?!?! Do you watch the news, Isis has taken huge parts of Iraq and Syria, there is bombings and fighting daily…. I seriously doubt you could destabilize that unstable place any more than it already is… But whatever…

  51. Reagan, quite possibly the greatest President ever, had the entire world afraid of the USA. That’s what I think Trump wants back.

  52. Tyler Barker, those seem to be baseless accusations

  53. Luis Alber Apodaca Trevizo, ahem Obama… Brenton Flatt, ISIS controlled territory is not a sovereign nation

  54. Please Pic Donald Up!! Before he kills some one!!!

  55. So he’s going to turn our military into armed thieves? I feel like this is a conspiracy theory…..US creates ISIS, ISIS takes over the oil fields, US then goes and kills ISIS, US takes ownership of oil fields like we’ve been trying to do since Desert Storm…..anyone else see a problem?

  56. Jeffery Johnson, you whole statement became invalid when you used the words, “do you watch the news”

  57. Everyone go check http://www.donaldjtrump.info
    There you can see all his newest, latest posts on all different medias, videos/pictures and speeches.

  58. this man is beyond stupid he wants to mass murder to gain control not everyone is Isis

  59. The guy is full poo and that’s the bottom line !!!!!!!

  60. Manuel Ramirez sounds like something u would say lol

  61. If the Iraq government took care of all iraq’s citizens instead of forcing their Sunni to join Isis, there would be no Isis threat

  62. Bomb away!!! That is what it is going to take!!

  63. Bree Soliz save your breathe i agree with you 100 percent but unfortunately to many people are going to vote out of anger or fear not realizing that there being played till its to late all i can say is hang on tight and pray that all turns out ok god bless and keep the faith

  64. You let Obama run this country into the ground now you want to bicker about Trump!! Really. He’s a show piece just there to draw focus from the real puppet they going to put in next. You really think your opinions matter you really belive you have a say?
    Look for a cave start hiding your guns ammo food and water it’s already in motion

  65. Because its just that easy bomb em and they’re gone right? Don’t be so dense these days its virtually impossible to get rid of any demographic with resources because there are places to hide and there always will be. A lot of Isis is residing right here in America where no ones looking -___-

  66. I am sure that all politicians are richer then any of us… so the whole money to his head thing doesn’t make much sense..

  67. I don’t think he wants to be our president !!! This kind of talk is just wrong !!!!

  68. This country needs an jerk whether yall like it or not

  69. Yep maybe some think he’s an dummy,let’s face, he is telling all about Washington and all their corruption,he gets in you better believe he is going to clean house!!

  70. Most here are morons, that will do nothing. It will pollute the poo out of our planet if they let it burn for one thing, and the other is they will put it out unless we guard it from being put out. Why don’t you just say we want to go steal their oil like we are already doing! Trump is an idiot band so are all of his supporters. Not to mention his dumb wall solution for the border, its ridiculous to think you can keep people out simply buy building a wall. You would need to much manpower to do it, you would need build a Canadian wall and a sea wall as well. We would be trapped if anything catastrophic happened, and we would live in a gestapo reminiscent country the rest of our lives. Where is the reason anymore these days!

  71. Trump will definitely create world war 3

  72. i strongly agree with ur statement that durned trump!

  73. Here we go again… Another chicken hawk Republican ( like Cheney, Limbaugh, Nugent, etc,) that haven’t spent a day in a military uniform but are ready to start another war that will last God knows how long .

  74. But in the end dont they all do it for having power over the people?

  75. #Randpaul2016 93 percent constitutional voting record!

  76. Why not start with no buying oil from them

  77. Absolutely it would. No funds…no weapons, no food and lack of interest for their cause. Do you sympathize with them?

  78. Brandon Heisler you are exactly what I expect from a Trump supporter. Calling people stupid and morons yet you’re voting for a billionaire that would and has done anything it took to everyone else and line his own pockets. Yet he cares about America? Lmfao… By the way internet bullying is what children do. And Trump supporters. Well done

  79. You people do realize that half what Trump proposes is against international law right?

  80. didnt he cheat on his ol lady awhile back

  81. Actually Isis is bound by religion to kill all infidels you might want to look into it. ????

  82. Rather have a bull in a china shop then an idiot in the White House ?

  83. He is really stupid and ignorant what he talks

  84. Ya bomb the oil fields so gas could go $20.00 a gallon

  85. This nga say i will bomb the oil fields nd have exxon run ill have them REBUILD IT SO FAST… who u think gunna rebuild it your so called criminals rapist murders HISPANICS #latinonation #mexican

  86. Sorry all you libs but like it or not oil does make the world go round

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