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NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - MARCH 6, 2014: Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Donald Trump asked to speak at Williston’s Bakken Energy Festival

Donald Trump might be paying a visit to Williston if event organizers behind an upcoming oil industry festival get their wish.

As reported by the Williston Herald, the people behind the Bakken Energy Festival have taken to social media to call on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to come visit the town nicknamed “Boomtown USA.” The campaign was launched Monday morning on Twitter and Facebook, and so far, it has been shared over 500 times.

Jason Marmon and his father, in the process of compiling the event roster, told the Herald that they have spoken with Trump’s campaign manager. Although they weren’t given a yes or a no, they were told to keep on trying. Marmon said, “[Trump’s campaign manager] said if he’s available, and if he gets enough attention in that area, he’ll come. He didn’t say he wouldn’t come.”

Recently, Trump has come under fire for his remarks about Mexican immigrants, Sen. John McCain’s status as a war hero and campaign ads which include what looks suspiciously like Nazi soldiers. Marmon, however, is willing to overlook these details and hopes that the event, dedicated to fostering relationships between big oil and the community, would be in line with the mogul’s political agenda.

Marmon, a Williston native, told the Herald, “I was thinking since Donald Trump is on the campaign trail, and since he’s a fantastic entertainer, he needs to get himself out there and be visible, so why not North Dakota? This would be an ideal venue and event for him to come out to.” Additionally, he thinks that despite one’s stance on political issues, Trump’s ideas are worth listening to.

Scheduled to take place September 10 and 11, the festival, in addition to the energy expo, will host musical performances by Tanya Tucker and Little Texas and a charity golf tournament. The goal of the events is to encourage communication between area residents and the energy industry, which has changed the face of the region.

Marmon said, “We’re looking to raise awareness of all the stuff that’s going on in the Bakken and get away from some of the negative connotations.” He added that another goal of the event is to have the community engaged in the surrounding activity and to remind residents that they have a voice. Business and industry leaders will be available during the festival, offering residents an opportunity to personally meet and ask questions.

For more information about the Bakken Energy Festival, view the original Williston Herald article or visit the event’s website at www.bakkenenergyfestival.com.


  1. Since I’m sure he’d support them. If they’re smart yes.

  2. I’d like to see what he has to say.

  3. There are actual options for president. If sideshows won elections Sarah Palin would be Vice President right now.

  4. We appreciate the support Bakken.com! Please share the post on the Bakken Energy Festival page to participate in the social media campaign!

  5. No thank you. He can stay home

  6. He’s at least trying to come to a place no other prez came since Teddy R!

  7. I don’t have TV but at least I know him from his show more than any other candidate!

  8. Keep drilling in the Bakken.

  9. They could get someone that is truly relavent.

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