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Rex Energy: Taking big steps with Utica dry gas well

While Rex Energy has been busy with test wells, sales and planning, the company has released an official update for all to read and get the full details of its current projects in the Appalachian Basin.

Moraine East Area

As reported before, Rex Energy has its four-well Renick Pad, and up until now, the company had only tested two of the wells.  The company has officially tested the two remaining wells which were drilled at a lateral length of about 5,900 feet. Both of the wells were completed at an average of 39 stages and utilize average sand concentrations of 2,350 pounds per foot.  Together, the two wells produced at an average 24-hour test rate, assuming full ethane recovery, of approximately 9.3 MMcfe/d, consisting of 4.0 MMcf/d of natural gas, 790 bbls/d of NGLs and 85 bbls/d of condensate.  According to a consumption analysis, the gas being produced from the wells is estimated to be 1,300 BTU.

Rex Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Tom Stabley commented on the performance of the Renick Pad:

We are very pleased to see continued strong performance from our new wells in the Moraine East and Legacy Butler areas … The Renick wells have further de-risked the area while illustrating improved well response as a result of increased laterals and higher sand concentrations.

Legacy Butler Operated Area

The company has decided to place its two-well Harvey Pad on the market.  The wells were drilled to an average lateral length of 5,900 feet and completed in an average of 39 stages. The two wells combined are utilizing an average sand concentration of 2,350 pounds per foot. The two wells produced at an average 24-hour sales rate per well, assuming full ethane recovery, of 9.8 MMcfe/d, consisting of 5.1 MMcf/d of natural gas and 849 bbls/d of NGLs and condensate.

Western Lawrence Utica

In the Western Lawrence Utica region, Rex Energy will be testing its first dry gas Utica Shale well.  Known as the Patterson 2H, the well will be drilled to a lateral length of about 7,000 feet and is expected to be completed during the third-quarter of 2015.  It will be placed into sales during the fourth-quarter of this year.  Projects for gathering and processing infrastructure are already in the works and will have an estimated 50 MMcf/d of firm transportation.

Stabley expressed how the dry gas well is a huge step for Rex Energy:

Our first test well in the Western Lawrence Utica is another important step for Rex Energy as we continue to develop our core assets … With 200 drilling locations in the Western Lawrence Utica and gathering and processing infrastructure already in place, the Western Lawrence Utica acreage provides us with flexibility within our Appalachian Basin assets.

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