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Digital rendering of the proposed Williston Crossing development. (Image courtesy of Stropiq)

Williston takes jurisdiction over $500 million development

WILLISTON, N.D. — A Swiss company planning a $500 million development on Williston’s outskirts will need permission from the city, whose mayor isn’t happy about the chosen site.

The city has exercised its 1-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction, which will include the site that international real estate company Stropiq has chosen for its Williston Crossing project, the Williston Herald reported.

That means Stropiq will need a building permit from the city rather than from Williams County, which already has approved the project that is to include more than 1 million square feet of retail, entertainment, office and hotel space.

“We are 100 percent sympathetic to the city eyeing Williston Crossing suspiciously — who needs a couple hundred more acres of disappointment?” Stropiq co-founder Terry Olin said. “Here, though, is where there is a real difference — the Williston Crossing business model is not a ‘buy farmland, annex, rezone, sell plots with city utilities scheme.'”

Mayor Howard Klug has said he wished Stropiq had chosen a site within existing city limits. However, he said the move to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction isn’t aimed at just the Williston Crossing project.

“If and when we annex (the outlying land), we want to make sure it’s something we can bring into the city to our standards,” he said.

Olin said he is confident the city ultimately will approve the chosen site for the Williston Crossing project.

“We bought our site because we want to build and own the dominant retail and entertainment destination in northwest North Dakota and believe this is the right location,” he said.

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Information from: Williston Herald, http://www.willistonherald.com

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