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Devils Lake approves new refinery

A new oil refinery is coming to the town of Devils Lake, North Dakota, reports the Forum News Service (FNS).

A development agreement has been made between the Devils Lake City Commission and Eagles Ledge Energy, clearing a path for the construction of a 20,000 barrel-per-day refinery. After approval of the agreement, City Commissioner Rick Morse said, “I think this is one of the best things that’s ever happened to this community.”

The FNS reports that city officials worked with Eagles Ledge for over six months on the details of the agreement. The new refinery, located west of the city, will create roughly 100 jobs and will generate the city an annual revenue of $1.75 million.

Prior to the vote, the commission received comments from the public, the bulk of which expressed worries and concerns regarding the refinery itself as well as the development process. Rachel Lingstrom of Forward Devils Lake, an economic development group, said, “We took a lot of different opportunities to educate ourselves, have a really good understanding of what a refinery is and what it means to our community environmentally [and] financially.”

Devils Lake citizen Margie Brekken told the FNS, “I think there’s a lot of frustration that they’re not being included in committee meetings or development meetings.” Other residents criticized the city for its lack of disclosure concerning the development. Brekken added, “In my experience they’ve not returned emails, and they have not included residents on their committees.”

City officials, however, claim that the development agreement will protect Devils Lake from any issues related to the oil refinery and its construction. Morse said the development agreement “put everything on paper that needs to be looked at to protect everybody.” Some residents, though, are calling for more research into the potential effects of having a refinery nearby. With the development agreement approved Eagles Ledge is able to apply for a build permit with the state, a process which may take up to a year. To read the original report, click here.


  1. Good. Alot of crude needs refining

  2. Isn’t this the first refinery built in U.S. in quite a long time?

  3. Remember. That place when I was young grandfather. Took me there to show me it

  4. I hate seeing terrible names for lakes like this.

  5. A step in the right direction. Furthering ourselves from foreign oil!

  6. We were in Devils Lake June 2009 and visited Johanna,Sanster`s wife.

  7. One step closer to being independent

  8. Isn’t that a crying shame. There isn’t any oilwells even close to Devils Lake

  9. Eleanor: when the United States Air Force decided to put Missile Silos all around North Dakota, they never did dream of using them in North Dakota! Who cares where it’s strategically placed, as long as it’s placed!

  10. And we are doing the engineering..

  11. I’m for it its just that I think it should be located in western ND

  12. An oil refinery provides good jobs to a community. A refinery in western ND wouldn’t benefit anyone because there are hundreds of jobs and not enough people or housing for the people. The refinery will boost the Devils lake economy and in my opinion other small towns in ND should look at building refineries…….we have the oil.

    • what makes you think it wouldn’t help western nd, do you think devils lake has the housing and people to support this the refinery should be built where the oil is because there wouldnt be nearly as much freight costs if you refine it where the oil is coming from, thus making it a little cheaper to buy the gas and fuel if you can remove some of the costs. and by the way there is plenty of housing and people to work.

    • oh and by the way im betting your from fargo and no you dont have the oil, but you sure as hell are getting more than your share of oil tax money

    • The oil gets moved either way wether it be as Bakken crude or refined product.

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