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Marcellus permit activity in Pennsylvania

Permit activity in the Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania saw a lot of action over the last week, along with the shale’s healthy registry, which is seeing even more push from health advocates.

The process of finding a way to better monitor health complaints related to natural gas development is still ongoing, but health advocates are starting to push the state’s Department of Health and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) even harder for answers.

When figuring out the state’s budget plan, Governor Tom Wolf proposed $100,000 to be allocated towards the health department specifically for the health registry.  However, health advocates are claiming that $100,000 is not even close to enough money to fund a registry.  The other drawback of Wolf’s proposal is that it is not a guarantee the Legislation will pass it, which is a major issue.  Acting DEP Secretary John Quigley commented on the proposed budget:

If that doesn’t pass, we’ll have to look for Plan B. This is an issue that’s not going away … There are questions. They need to be dealt with in a transparent way.

The following information is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and covers May 18th through May 24th.

New: 48

Renewed: 13

Top Counties by Number of Permits

Susquehanna: 11

Greene: 9

Lycoming: 9

Westmoreland: 6

Tioga: 5

Bradford: 7

McKean: 4

Sullivan: 3

Washington: 3

Wyoming: 3

Armstrong: 1

Top Companies by Number of Permits

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